ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets

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ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets

ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets

White Discharge

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Key Features

  • Helps with reduction of unhealthy discharge
  • Reduces odour causing discharge
  • Promotes healthy hydration and lubrication of the vagina
  • Aims at the root cause of white discharge
  • Eliminates itch and inflammation causing bacteria
  • Prevents against fungal growth
  • Made with completely Ayurvedic Herbs
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The female reproductive system is a being of its own and has a lot of functions that are good for the well-being of the uterus and the vagina. One of the functions is a vaginal discharge. Mind you that not all vaginal discharges are bad. The vagina has its own way of cleansing and hydrating itself and it releases a viscous fluid out onto the vaginal walls for the same. This viscous fluid contains mostly water and some good bacteria that help to clean and fight against pathogens that might enter the vagina externally.

This self-cleansing process of the vagina is controlled by the Kapha Dosha. Basically, the mucus in the body is converted into this fluid which flushes the vagina. However, when the vagina or the body has been affected by an external germ, like a bacterium or a fungus, the mucus gets thickened and overactive in order to remove the infection. The discharge then becomes white and smelly and slowly starts inflaming the vagina. It is basically a sign that the body requires help from some sort of infection. The vaginal discharge also changes with changes in pH due to harsh soaps and washes. Sometimes taking medicines with anti-biotics and contraceptives can also change the vaginal discharge and its smell as they kill off the good bacteria in the vagina too.

ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets are for those women who are experiencing the following symptoms with their vaginal discharge-

  • Thickening of the secretion
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Change in the colour and smell
  • Stomach pain
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Pain during urination
  • Dark urine or occurrence of blood in it
  • Fever, fatigue, etc.

    ShwetKanika is made with the herbs mentioned in the Ayurveda relating to Stree Rog Chikitsa (female disorder treatment). It contains herbs with essential nutrients and properties that aim at the root cause of white and smelly vaginal discharge. It reduces thickness of the discharge and gets rid of foul smell by reinforcing the natural flora of the vagina and eliminating external bacteria and fungi.

    Ashoka- reduces cysts and fibroids in the uterus and ovaries, keeping the overall reproductive system healthy.

    Daruharidra- prevents side-effects of amenorrhea, white discharge, and UTIs.

    Guduchi- promotes healthy ovulation (one of the factors affecting discharge) and strengthens the uterus.

    Jeereka- anti-inflammatory properties, keep the uterus healthy and infection-free.

    Lodhra- balances progesterone and estrogen while keeping the ovaries healthy.

    ShwetKanika Tablets are an Ayurvedic medicine and will take time and patience to resolve the root

    problem of white discharge.

    It is suggested that ShwetKanika Tablets are taken twice a day with breakfast and dinner.

    Continue the same dosage for at least 90 days to see efficient results.

    * Results may vary from person to person

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    Q1. What is Namyaa ShwetKanika?

    Ans: Namyaa ShwetKanika is an Ayurvedic medicine formulated with herbs that have been used by ancient Indians for Stree Rog Chikitsa (female disorder treatment). It is aimed at treating the root cause of smelly and white vaginal discharge. It prevents the vagina from getting infected adversely by any pathogen and creates a healthy microbiome to fight off infections, keeping the vagina odour free and the discharge thin and natural.

    Q2. Is vaginal white discharge normal?

    Ans: Yes, vaginal discharge is completely normal. It is a way of the vagina to keep itself clean and hydrated throughout the day. It contains nothing but harmless mucous and good bacteria that fight off infectious germs. While the natural discharge of the vagina is viscous, transparent and has no smell, a smelly, thick and white coloured discharge means that something is wrong with the vagina or the body. It could mean an infection, dysfunction in the ovaries, problems in the uterus or lack of hygiene.

    Q3. How long does it take for the ‘Namyaa ShwetKanika - For White Discharge’ to treat white discharge?

    Ans: Since it is an Ayurvedic medicine, ShwetKanika will take some time before it has the best results. Ayurvedic medicines aim at the root cause and to create favourable conditions in the body it takes time. You can still feel better within couple of weeks of use and find your vaginal discharge has lesser colour or smell. However, to take full effect and eliminate any chances of white discharge you must take the tablets twice a day for 90 days.

    Customer Reviews

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    amazing product

    I've been using them for years now and they're the best. I'm always recommending them to my friends and family.

    best product

    shwetKanika White Discharge Tablets gave me the relief I needed after having to deal with a UTI. I did not feel the burning sensation anymore and my discharge is now white in color.


    ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets is an excellent treatment for vaginal discharge, as it has been clinically proven to be effective in over 97% of cases.

    ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets worked best

    ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets is a lifesaver. I suffered from severe vaginal discharge, which was really embarrassing and painful. After using ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets for a couple of days, the discharge went away and everything was back to normal!