10 Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Must Follow!

July 2, 2021

10 Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Must Follow!
10 Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Must Follow! Personal hygiene is an important aspect of every individual’s life. Well, if you are eager to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be at the best of wellness as a whole, then it is extremely important that you start caring about personal hygiene on serious parameters to put it precisely. Women in particular, need to care more for personal hygiene and follow certain wellness goals to be at their hygienic best. Eager to know about the different tricks and tips of personal hygiene that can work wonders? Well, we are here to tell you about the top 10 personal hygiene tips that every woman needs to follow for it can change the entire ball game and can keep you super active and healthy in the long run. So, without further delay, let’s have a quick understanding of the 10 most effective personal hygiene tips for the women as under:
  • Wear Clean Cotton Undergarments: Make sure that you wear undergarments that are made of pure cotton and are absolutely clean ones for the matter. It is the first and foremost tip of personal hygiene as unclean undergarments can become a breeding ground for many bacteria, germs and viruses which can lead to serious diseases like, UTIs etc. So, remember, to change your undergarments on a daily basis and wash it regularly with proper solutions. In addition, wear clean clothes along with clean undergarments to keep away from body odour, skin disorders and other serious illnesses.
  • Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene: Oral hygiene is another important part of personal hygiene. So, remember to brush your teeth every day in the morning and once before you retire to bed. Brushing the teeth twice is important to prevent dental infections and cavities. You can floss your teeth from time to time to get rid of the different debris that get stuck in between the teeth and mouth. Clean the tongue as well to remove the bacteria that are found on the upper surface of the tongue. Maintain proper oral hygiene on a daily basis to fight mouth odour in the most effective manner.
  • Bathe Regularly: Yes, it is extremely important to take a bath of a regular basis to keep yourself clean and get rid of sweat, odour and other impurities for the matter. Remember to use a mild shower solution instead of soap as certain soaps contain strong components that might strip the skin off its natural oils. Take a shower after rigorous exercise sessions or sweating it out at the gym. Also, remember to replace the towel from time to time for the best of hygiene standards.
  • Follow A Strict Haircare Routine: To maintain proper standards of personal hygiene, remember to wash your hairs at least 2-3 times a week to get rid of dirt, dust and other impurities. The outdoor activities take a heavy toll on the hairs and scalp and it can literally make the hairs brittle and frizzy that are prone to breakage. So, following a strict hair care routine that involves oiling the hairs, using a hair mask, shampooing and conditioning is something that every woman needs to resort to. Make sure that you select hair care solutions depending on your hair type for the maximum of benefits.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Matters: During menstruation women need to take some extra care for the best of personal hygiene parameters. It is important that you change the sanitary napkin from time to time, wash your vagina with a proper wash solution that is not too harsh on the sensitive skin of the vagina and remember to wash your hands every time you use a tampon, a sanitary napkin or a menstrual cup for the matter. Following good menstrual hygiene ensure the best of intimate health and helps keep unwanted menstrual odour at bay.
  • Removing Unwanted Body Hair:
  • Be it body hair, or the irritating hair in the private parts, or the unwanted hair in the underarm area, go in for regular trimming sessions if your skin is too sensitive to withstand waxing. You can choose to remove body hair by shaving it for softer, smoother and radiant skin. Getting rid of body hairs from the private parts is an essential requirement to prevent body odour for the matter. Remember to change the razors and other hair removing tools at regular intervals for the ideal hygiene standards.
  • Prevent Body Odour: Change clothes from time to time, remove hair from the underarm area and remember to maintain every aspect of personal hygiene to prevent body odour. It is important that you eat healthy and cut down on too spicy food that is rich in garlic, onion or ginger and drink plenty of water to feel fresh from within. Include lots of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables to prevent body odour in the most natural manner. At times, don’t forget to use your favourite deodorant or perfume to smell a little extra fragrant for special occasions and purposes.
  • Keep A Track On Make Up Essentials:
  • Remember to remove all traces of make up before you go to bed at night. It is extremely important that you clean the make up sponges, beauty blenders, eyebrow pencils, brushes from time to time as it might become a breeding ground for bacteria if not kept clean on a regular basis. If you are comfortable applying make up with your fingers, then make sure that the hands are clean as untidy fingertips can lead to acnes, pimples and other breakouts. Replace your make up products once the expiry date approaches with new ones to avoid any kind of skin infections.
  • Keep Your Hands Clean: A number of diseases are caused as a result of dirty hands. To ensure the best of hygiene standards, it is extremely important that you maintain clean and germ-free hands. Wash your hands from time to time and also every time before eating. You can use certain moisture-based hand sanitizers to keep them clean and this shall undoubtedly help maintain the best of hygiene parameters.
  • Peeing Basics: Women, make it a point to spray your pee sanitizer before you use public toilets. You can even go in for certain female urination devices which helps you to stand and pee and this lessens the chances of getting UTIs and other related diseases. Remember to clean your vagina with a proper mild and gentle vaginal wash solution every time after you pee. Be at your best hygiene with these exclusive tips that are the golden ones of personal hygiene to put it precisely!
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