10 Ways to Have a Toned Body at Home

September 13, 2022

10 Ways to Have a Toned Body at Home

Lean, skinny, thick or jacked, all body types are essential among women. Whatever your preferred body type, the important part is to be in shape for your favourite dresses and to be fit enough to take part in everyday activities without breaking a sweat. While all women have different body types and muscle placement, it is important for all to get rid of excess fat to maintain a specific shape. When it comes to having a toned body, most women actually think that a toned body is a slim one. Most of us do try to get into vigorous exercise routines to imitate a favourite person or celebrity. Before you move to excessive body trimming and get into unhealthy exercise and diet routines, you must understand that your body is unique.

Body trimming and toning have different goals for each individual woman. Body toning for some can include cutting down excess fats. While for some it might simply mean exercising thighs and glutes to get into better shape, it can also be a massaging routine to get rid of stretch marks or saggy skin. There are a lot of ways to achieve your desired body shape, you can increase physical activity and exercise, make changes to what you eat or add ingredients to your food that actually help to shred fat. Here we show you simple habits and activities that will help you attain a toned body.

  1. Don’t starve yourself
  2. There is a huge misunderstanding among people that not eating for dangerously long hours will burn out the fats stored in the body. It might burn a little bit of the amino acids but the body doesn’t function at full capacity. Decreased metabolism when you are doing so-called ‘intermittent fasting’ also causes the filtration systems in the body to stop. Which in turn accumulates a lot of toxins in the body. Also, when you end the intermittent fasting, you’re uncontrollably hungry causing you to binge eat. Eating very few but heavy meals will lead to more caloric intake making fat loss difficult. So, don’t go hungry, eat a good 4-5 meals throughout the day and keep your groceries list full of nutritious items.

  3. Eat only the healthy carbs
  4. There are carbs and then there are bad starches disguised as carbs. Foods like potatoes, bread, noodles, etc. are full of starches that are a quick boost of energy that increases glucose levels. While the people who eat them regularly may feel full for the time being, the glucose burns out causing a sharp decrease in energy level. They make you feel lethargic with a pang of hunger that keeps you from physical activity. Eat more fruits and vegetables to gain renewed energy for any workout without a sugar rush.

  5. Go on a reduced diet but keep protein high
  6. Going on a body-trimming diet is all right but you must have only a certified opinion for essential nutrients. Reducing the number of unhealthy fats and sugars is good but in time eating only raw veggies and oat porridges will make you weaker. Always balance your meals with higher proteins and fewer carbs from rice or potatoes. Keeping your protein intake high through pulses and animal protein will keep you feeling full for longer is a slow draining source of energy.

  7. Keep a bottle of water wherever you are
  8. Our body is made up of 70% of water. That is a body which is alive, and like in all living things, water drains or evaporates from our body. The human body needs water to keep up with many vital functions, which include draining excess fat. Water from the blood is absorbed by the muscles which helps them to use glucose for mechanical function. So, hydrate as much as you can throughout the day.

  9. Do interval training for body trimming
  10. The human body is efficient, which is why even breathing causes calories to burn. Certain breathing patterns and speeds can increase the amount of fat you burn over a period of time. Interval training while going out to walk or jog is beneficial for metabolic balance that uses up excess fat for energy. Simply walk or jog at your usual pace and try getting into a 1–2-minute sprint every 10-15 minutes. The breathing change increases amino acid burnout in the fat cells and increases endurance for body trimming exercises.

  11. Get out on foot
  12. A toned body depends on being active rather than slackish TV and web episode binging. While most of us in the generation are working on tables and chairs, it is better to walk through the commute while using public transport to get more steps on your smartwatches.

  13. Don’t Overstress
  14. A toned body can be a tough goal for women as the stress levels of being one is bad for health. Going through day-to-day career runs and keeping up with the world, alongside period pains, is stressful. So, add some chill time periodically in your days too. Stress increases fat gain and pampering yourself with a massage or vacation can be one of your body trimming routines.

  15. Know when to grab the pillow
  16. Hitting the bed early and waking up after a good eight-hour sleep is essential for maintaining a toned body. Sleeping improves metabolic function and releases hormones that remove toxins that block fat in the body. So, if you don’t have an emergency to keep you up, get your beauty sleep.

  17. Choose the stairs
  18. A toned body is achieved by including simple habits in your daily life that push your body to burn fat. When you choose the stairs instead of the elevator for a few floors or walk to the nearby grocers you induce a fat-burning adaptation where the body knows you need less weight for your routine.

  19. Do body toning massages at home
  20. A good self-massage for a plump and toned body is a great way to get that sculpted look. Massaging your breasts, thighs, bum and belly with body toning oil, after exercise or before sleeping can help with sculpting your body into perfect curves. You can use Namyaa’s Body Toning and Sculpting Oil to attain a toned body. Its concoction of 10 essential healthy oils is great for tightening skin, burning fats and removing stretch marks. Use it every day for clear results and sharp body lines. A toned body can only be achieved by keeping realistic goals and setting up little habits, especially for women with desk jobs and babies. It is a dire need that you never lose motivation and not stress it when you don’t see clear results in just the first week.

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