16 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Dry Lips in Winter

November 13, 2020

16 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Dry Lips in Winter

Lips feeling extremely dry and is getting bitterly chapped during winters? Well, check out these 16 useful tips to take care of your lips in winter as you do away with the associated woes of dry lips effectively:

  • Avoid Going Out: First and foremost, remember to avoid going out in the bitter cold unless it is required, for it shall only strip your lips of its moisture and natural oils. For the proper protection of the lips during winter, stay indoors the maximum time that you can.

  • Use Moisturising Lipsticks: During winters, remember to use moisturising lipsticks that work best. If you are eager to wear your favourite shade of lipstick, then it is best to moisturize your lips first with a proper moisturizer and then apply the shade.

  • Exfoliate Weekly: It is recommended that you exfoliate your lips with homemade scrubs. You can also go in for the ‘Namyaa Organic Lip Scrub’ that comes with the goodness of Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Vitamin E etc. and helps do away with chapped lips and the essential goodness of this amazing lip scrub helps hydrate, moisturize and smoothen out your lips which keeps them moisturized and prevents them from getting chapped.

  • Follow A Strict Balanced Diet: Remember that a healthy balanced diet that includes proteins, fish, green leafy vegetables, fruits, needs to be followed to prevent lips from getting dry in the winter. It is important to stay healthy and with the right kind of vitamin rich foods being included in the diet, it can work wonders for the lips.

  • Avoid Smoking: Smoking can lead to dry lips in winter as smoking is not only injurious to the health, but it badly affects the lips as well. Further, smoking leads to dark patches on the lips and darker lips that make it look so unattractive.

  • Control The Room Temperature: Make sure to control the room temperature using a humidifier to prevent lips from getting dry in the bitter cold.

  • Massage Your Lips With A Oil: Don’t forget to massage your lips with a oil to keep them moisturized. You can go in for any natural oil like, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil etc. to care for your lips with oil massages from time to time during winter.

  • Remove The Make Up Before Going To Sleep: No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, you need to remove the lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner etc. before going to bed. This needs to be followed always as an essential lip care tip throughout all seasons.

  • Use A Good Lip Balm: You need to use a good lip balm to prevent your lips from getting dry in the winter months.

  • Avoid Licking The Lips: Yes, make sure you remember to not lick your lips too often as it makes the lips all the more drier by stripping them of the moisture content.

  • Protect Your Lips During Sleep: Night is the perfect time to allow the lips to heal. Since it is a about 6-8 hours, therefore make sure to apply a beeswax lip balm thickly on your lips before you go to bed.

  • Cover Your Lips Outdoors: Remember to cover your lips with a scarf or a ski mask when stepping outdoors for this helps shield the lips from harmful elements and this prevents damage.

  • Use Homemade masks: Yes, remember to pamper the lips with homemade masks with honey, milk cream, glycerine etc. one a week at least, to keep the lips soft and supple.

  • Cut Down On Your Caffeine Intake: Cut down on your caffeine intake as too much of caffeine is known to dehydrate the lip skin.

  • Avoid Synthetic Lip Care Products: It is best to avoid synthetic lip care products, for these might be high on certain chemicals or metals that can lead to lip dryness and damage. Go in for natural lip care products.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water: Last, but not the least, to keep your lips properly hydrated, it is important to stay hydrated from inside. So, don’t forget to drink plenty of water to get soft and supple lips naturally.
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