5 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Body's Natural pH Balance Intimate Area!

February 9, 2022

5 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Body's Natural pH Balance Intimate Area!
5 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Body's Natural pH Balance Intimate Area! It is extremely important for every woman to be aware that the normal pH value of the vagina ranges from 3.8 and 4.5 to put it precisely. Maintaining this pH level is necessary as this helps keep fungal and bacterial infections at bay while contributing to the overall health and wellness of the woman. Vaginal pH value can change during a person’s lifetime. As per scientific studies and medical reports, it has been mentioned that the pH value of the vagina is a bit higher than 4.5 before the person’s first menstrual cycle and also menopause. During the reproductive years, the pH value is less than 4.5 unless a certain condition or a said infection raises it. Now, it is extremely important to see that this pH value isn’t messed with in the endeavour to maintain the body’s natural pH value of the intimate area. Here are the top 5 easy, simple and basic tips that are like the golden rules for maintaining the pH value of the vagina to put it precisely. Read on to know more:  
  1. Avoid Douching, Soaps, Scented Solutions: It is important to keep the vagina clean on an everyday basis. Now, many women get hold of scented soaps and intimate washing solutions. There are some women who prefer to wash their vagina with water as well. It is a strict no and one must refrain from such practices as it can mess with the pH value of the vagina. Instead remember to go in for a mild and gentle vaginal wash solution that is chemical free. Use the cleanser along with warm water to keep your vagina clean and pH balanced.
  2. Pay More Attention To Your Underwear: Yes, a lot depends on your underwear. Remember to wear soft cotton panties that are clean and dry. Avoid wearing fancy underwear made from synthetic fabrics as this can lead to moisture build up in the intimate area and thus affect the pH value of the vagina.
  3. Say Goodbye To Stress: Stress can affect us in ways that we cannot even imagine and this includes vaginal health as well. So, try out the different practices that help reduce stress effectively. Exercise, pursue a hobby, listen to good music, meditate, or read or do everything that might help de-stress.
  4. Changing Menstrual Products Regularly: Leaving the sanitary product in the vagina for a long spell can increase the pH value of the vagina as the pH value of blood is most or less basic. Changing the menstrual product from time to time as this helps fight many viral and bacterial infections, irritations and vaginal itchiness etc.
  5. Practice Safe Sex: Remember to use barriers, or protection as you might call it whenever you have sex with your partner. Use condoms as not only does it prevent STIs, but also helps the fluids including semen from messing with the pH levels of the vagina for the matter.
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