5 Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Vagina

January 2, 2018

5 Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Vagina

1. Keep it clean

Back to the basics ladies! Wash it regularly and thoroughly with plain water. Always remember to dry it properly and wipe from front to back and not the other way round. 

2. Accept its Aroma

Your vagina is your vagina and not a field of lilies… So it does not need to smell like one. Keep away from vaginal douches, scented wipes and the like. Your vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and does not require you to use external cleaning agents. These actually interfere with the pH of your vagina creating a breeding ground for bacteria and infections. 

3. Cotton undies all the way.

It may not feel as sexy as a lacy one or a thong but cotton underwear helps keep your vagina dry and more importantly, allows it to breathe. It prevents the buildup of sweat and bacteria which in turn keeps your vagina clean and infection free. All hail cotton undies! 

4. Eat clean

For a healthy vagina, you need to eat well and eat clean. Cranberry juice, avocados, yogurt, apples, flax seeds, and almonds, help your vagina remain infection free. So eat like a queen, but eat well. 

5. Change your pad/ tampon regularly

Even if it isn’t fully soaked, it is a good idea to change a pad every 3-4 hours. When you are on your period, there is more chance of bacteria building up, in and around your vagina. So, make it a point to change your pad/ tampon regularly and wash your vagina meticulously before every change.
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