5 Ways to Boost Your Skincare Routine

October 20, 2023

5 Ways to Boost Your Skincare Routine

There is a sea of influencers and skincare vlogs on the internet that provide a number of ways to reach that peak skin quality, prevent aging, and whatnot. Also, there are a lot of fish in that sea in the shape of product tubes and bottles that keep emptying themselves while you’re trying to get that flawless skin. No limits exist to how pretty you can make your facial skin look, with or without makeup. However, we certainly do limit the amount of care we give the rest of our body, which also requires a skincare routine.

If a skincare routine only tells you to moisturize your arms and legs in the name of body skincare, it is not enough, and they are not covering the areas that mostly no one talks about.

The main reason why a proper skincare routine is necessary for the body is because of the neglect it goes through while we’re busy washing and polishing our faces ten times a day. The most important reason for having glowing body skin is that you want to look perfect in any dress you wear. This is why we ask you to care for the skin that gets neglected in areas like your underarms, thigh gaps, belly, lips, etc. So, here’s the list of five skincare essentials that will boost your body skincare routine to make you look all round spotless;

Remove hair but gently.

Hair removal is undoubtedly essential, especially during the summers, and more so if you want to be with someone special. There are several ways to remove intimate hair, but not all are good for women. Moreover, the bikini line skin is much more delicate than the rest of the body. That is why shaving can cause it to look confused, and there is a high risk of getting deep cuts by getting nicked by the blade. Waxing is also a very harsh process to put your intimate skin through. Body skincare routine after waxing can take care of the arms and legs, but nothing will end days of burning sensation if you wax your intimate areas like underarms and pubes. Hence, it is always advisable to use a mild hair removal cream that soothes the skin after removing hair.

Product recommendation: You use the Namyaa Hair Removing Cream for Intimate Areas. It is formulated especially for sensitive skin in intimate areas. It comes with the goodness of chamomile oil and removes hair while soothing the skin.

Work on stretch marks and uneven tone.

We all have that one issue with the body skin; it is like a shade card for most of us due to tanning and irregular cleansing. Uneven skin tone is not appreciated by many of us and gives the idea that one has not taken appropriate care of the skin. Most uneven skin tones are found around the neck and chest, so the V-neck top you’ve wanted to wear might not do much justice. There are also stretch marks for many who have had to lose weight. They show up around the belly and the thighs, reducing the confidence to wear what you desire. Adding a little cleansing and moisturization of the said areas can reduce the pigmentation and even out the skin tone to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Toning oil massage can help boost your body's skincare routine.

Product suggestion: Namyaa’s Body Toning and Sculpting Oil can work wonders in this case as it has the goodness of eight skin healing oils along with saffron, ashwagandha, and added vitamin E. Gently massage all over your chest and thighs before bed and see the difference for yourself.

Don’t ignore your underarms.

Sleeveless dresses reveal that shoulder or arm tattoo, but they also show the underarms that have been ignored for years. Underarm skin gets beaten up the most when it comes to bodily skin, especially for those who tend to shave their armpits every other week. To make things worse, the shaven, irritated skin is sprayed with a heavy alcohol-based deodorant. It makes the underarm skin dark and patchy. Scrubbing and cleansing your underarm skin is necessary to complete your body skincare routine.

Product suggestion: The Namyaa Underarm Lightening Kit has an Underarm Colour Correction Mask, which you can apply to treat your patchy underarm skin. It has another Underarm Whitening Cream, which can be used after you wash off the mask, reducing skin pigmentation.

Take care of your intimate glow.

When intimacy calls, it is alright to be a bit shy; it only makes the state of affairs exciting. However, losing confidence in that situation will result in you holding back, which spoils the mood. The biggest reason a woman would hold back is that she thinks the intimate area doesn’t look good enough. The vulva, because of its position, goes through a lot of friction and sweat. It causes the skin to become darker than the rest of the body. A little off-colouring of the vulva is natural, but too much pigmentation can make it look odd to most. Massaging your vulva skin with a healing serum can make it look lighter and more appealing.

Product suggestion: Namyaa’s Haldi Chandan Intimate Lightening Serum is made with the soothing qualities of sandal and turmeric, both reducing the effects of inflamed skin and bringing back the glow to your intimate skin along with confidence.

Accentuate your lips

Cleansing and scrubbing your face with a facewash is essential, but there is one place that the eyes miss while washing the face. Lips also take damage from pollution, eating hot things, and smoking. It makes the lips darker and dull. There are a few useful products, but fret not since herbal solutions are always helpful without side effects or unnatural glosses. Using them will give you a natural selfie-worthy pout.

Product suggestion: Namyaa’s Lip Plumping Serum has the goodness of Argan Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin C. It improves blood circulation in the lips, making them smoother, softer, and plump.


Creating the vacation or party look is easy if your body skincare routine is on point. The central part of skincare comes from instilling good health habits like drinking enough water with lots of fruits and fresh vegetables. You should also not forget to get the quality 8-hour beauty sleep that rejuvenates and heals the skin. Make sure you have the Namyaa Body Care Essentials to keep your skin nourished and glowing. 


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