All about Stretch Marks - Why They Appear And How To Get Rid Of Them

November 20, 2020

All about Stretch Marks - Why They Appear And How To Get Rid Of Them

Stretch marks is a common issue among the people. Now, you must be left wondering that what exactly is a stretch mark. Well, it isn’t anything serious to worry about in the first case. It is a type of scar when the skin shrinks or stretches quickly. The sudden change causes the elastic and collagen (two things that support our skin) to rupture. As the skin heals, the stretch marks seem to appear on the skin. Stretch marks is dependant on genetics as well. If your parents or grandparents have had stretch marks on their skin, then there are high chances that you are to develop them as well. Now, no matter how much one tries, stretch marks cannot be prevented. So, make sure to ditch any kind of products that promises to prevent stretch marks, for that can never be done. Don’t opt for expensive therapies or body spas at the spa or salon to prevent them, for no matter how much you try, stretch marks can never be prevented. Stretch marks generally appear on the stomach, butt, thighs, chest, hips and are more prominent on fair skin in comparison to the darker skin tones.

Reasons Why Stretch Marks Appear:

Now that we have elaborately highlighted upon why stretch marks appear, we are here to tell you about the different reasons why stretch marks appear. Here we get you enlisted the different reasons for stretch marks:

  • Fluctuating hormone levels are known to bring about changes in the body structure, weight etc. which might lead to stretch marks in the long run.
  • Genetics is also a major reason that can be attributed for getting stretch marks. A lot depends on hereditary issues in this respect.
  • Rapid weight gain or loss is another reason why we get stretch marks to put it precisely.
  • Stretch marks also happen during pregnancy and it is a very common issue among pregnant women.
  • Growth spurts that commonly happen during puberty is also a major factor for getting stretch marks.
  • Weight training when rapid muscle growth happens, then also you can see stretch marks appearing on the skin.
  • There are other factors for which stretch marks happen like, certain medications, certain illness etc.

The colour of stretch marks varies as per skin tone. They can be of different tones like, pink, purple, reddish brown, red, dark brown etc. The colour of the stretch mark entirely depends on the skin tone of the individual.

How To Get Rid Off Stretch Marks?

Wondering as how to get rid off stretch marks? Well, although there are no known medications or treatments that help prevent stretch marks, we shall tell you about the different ways that help reduce the appearance of stretch marks to put it precisely. Here are the three ways that can help:

  • Home Remedies: Certain home remedies like Almond oil, Cocoa butter, Olive Oil, Vitamin E were used by the people to massage the skin to help get rid off stretch marks in an effortless manner. You can try these out to check whether this works for you. Remember to try out these on the early stretch marks. You need to massage it effectively into the skin till it gets completely absorbed, for this will help treat it better. You need to do it almost daily for best results.
  • Consult Your Dermatologist: You can choose to consult your dermatologist right away and know your prescribed medicines and ointments for the best advice in removal of stretch marks.
  • Namyaa Skin Therapy Body Toning And Sculpting Wonder Oil: This is a revolutionary product from the house of Namyaa that is known to remove the appearance of stretch marks in an effortless manner. This beneficial body oil has been formulated with rare and certified natural ingredients like Vitamin E, coconut oil, turmeric extracts etc.. Along with moisturizing benefits, this body toning and sculpting oil not only helps provide for the required nutrition and nourishment of the skin, but this oil helps improve the appearance of the skin by toning it right from the core and doing away with scars, spots, stretch marks and other imperfections that help even the skin tone in an effective manner.
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