Benefits of Taking Lactation Supplements for Women

March 6, 2023

Benefits of Taking Lactation Supplements for Women

The most interesting part of being a mother is to see your child grow and knowing that you have a major role to play in their mental and physical development. If a mother is unable to uphold the responsibility of providing nutrition for the baby, it leaves a deep scar on her psyche. Making sure that your child grows up to be strong and smart is the wish of every mom out there. There certainly are steps that a mother can take for the proper development of her child and one of them is the most recommended for by doctors. For fast and healthy growth of the child, it is always recommended that the mother breastfeeds the child till one year of age. The reason why doctors suggest it is because mother’s milk or human milk is the one thing that will suit your child’s sensitive stomach and will also have the perfect opening effect on all the systems of the body. On the other hand it also has an emotional connection for the mothers. Unofficially, according to a lot of old grandmothers in the country, who have seen a lot of babies being born and raised, it is said that the babies who have been breastfed for a long time grow up to be more emotionally and affectionately attached to their mothers. So, yes, mothers who are unable to produce ample milk, can get the benefits of breastfeeding from using herbal lactation supplement granules. Here’s the detailed list of benefits that you can get with lactation supplements-

  • Improved immunity for the child
  • When the child is born, the immunity is acting from the antibodies that are transferred through the placenta from the mother. However, this immunity only lasts for a few hours, after which the child remains vulnerable to infections and diseases. The only immunity that a child can get after that is the passive immunity that comes from the mothers milk. The yellow coloured milk that is secreted for a few days after delivery is the most powerful breastmilk that enhances the immunity of the child for future development. This passive immunity later helps in the development of white blood cells and the child's own defence mechanism against infections. So, taking a herbal lactation supplement increases the chances of creating high quality milk that helps in the development of immunity for the baby.

  • Hormonal balance for the mother
  • Study has shown that breastfeeding is also essential for a mother to regulate her hormones. For example, when the baby suckles on the mother’s breasts, it releases oxytocin which regulates the contraction and release of the uterus muscles. It in turn helps the uterus to heal faster after the labour and decreases bleeding as well. Many mothers who have postpartum depression or ‘baby blues’ can also benefit from the hormonal regulation brought upon by the making of milk, which relaxes and relieves stress from the labour.

  • Safety from processed food
  • If a mother decides to not breastfeed the baby for any reason and feed over the counter milk powders instead, it is possible that the growth of the child will be hampered. Milk powders and baby formulas have a lot of preservative elements that are not good or worse- toxic for your baby’s gut health. Many of the baby formulas have lead and other heavy metals as a preservative which can even cause slowing down of the brain for a growing child. Mothers giving birth with C-sections choose not to breastfeed thinking they will be able to heal early. Instead, unregulated hormones and postpartum stress leads to slower healing. Many mothers who are unable to produce ample amounts of milk choose to feed baby formula to their child. In such cases, the mother can reap the benefits of breastfeeding through a herbal lactation supplement. It will not only keep your baby safe from chemicals but will also improve your physiological health as a mother.

  • Promotes healthy weight gain
  • The health and growth of the baby is defined by the amount of weight they gain during the first ten months. While family members might feel that the baby is gaining weight or becoming healthier with the “new and improved” baby formula that is being fed, in reality only bad fat and dangerous liver fat is growing inside your baby’s gut. Hence, the preference of breastmilk is better for the baby, saving a lot of hospital visits. With the goodness of ayurveda, there are now a lot of herbal extracts that can act as lactation supplements. These herbs increase the quality of milk that a mother produces and helps with healthy weight gain for the baby and the mother simultaneously.

  • Decreases the chances of dangerous diseases for the mother
  • Healthy lactation doesn’t only create a healthy growth plan for the baby but also protects the mother from a lot of diseases that affect women. The hormonal imbalance, for example, which happens due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is eliminated with milk production in the mother. It regulates hormones in the mothers body and prevents PCOS, thyroid imbalance and many other hormonal problems for the mother. Healthy lactation and regular breastfeeding can also reduce the chances of breast cancer for the mother. It makes sure that the glandular tissues in the breasts remain healthy and have no tumour formation. Creating a good amount of milk also leads to better bone health for the mother. The calcium synthesis in the bones is increased with breast milk and prevents osteoporosis (bone degeneration) from settling in.

    The benefits of lactation supplements are manifold but are only seen when a herbal lactation supplement is used. Indian ayurveda prescribes a number of natural substances and herbs that are great at improving lactation and keeping the mammary glands and glandular tissues healthy. Which is why Namyaa’s Amritbaras Herbal Lactation Supplement Granules come with the goodness of lactation improving herbs like Shatawar or asparagus root, vidarikand seeds, sowa fruit, Gokhru plant, mulethi root, jeera (cumin) fruit, halon seen and singhara (water chestnut) fruit. It keeps your breasts healthy and increases milk production to keep you and your baby healthy and away from chemical foods and baby formulas.

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