Confused Between PCOD vs PCOS? Know The Difference!

February 19, 2021

Confused Between PCOD vs PCOS? Know The Difference!

Confused Between PCOD vs PCOS? Know The Difference!

Are you still confused about PCOD and PCOS? Well, PCOD vs PCOS is an ever-confusing issue to put it precisely. Majority of women happen to use the terms PCOS and PCOD interchangeably, whereas in reality both the terms mean extremely different conditions for the matter. Before we go into the difference that exists between PCOS and PCOD, it is important to understand that what these individual terms stand for. Read on to know more as we are here to help you clear all your confusions and doubts about PCOD and PCOS in the most simplistic manner:

PCOD: What Is It?

PCOD is a common condition that is found in women in which the ovaries produce immature or partially mature eggs which in the course of time, turn to cysts. The causes of PCOD can be attributed to junk food, hormonal disturbances, overweight, stress etc. The commonly associated symptoms of PCOD are abdominal weight gain, infertility, male pattern baldness, irregular periods.

PCOS: What Is it?

PCOS is a metabolic disorder among females which is a more serious condition than that of PCOD. In such a condition, the ovaries produce a higher quantity of male hormones and this results in formation of more than ten follicular cysts in the ovary every month. This situation leads to the stopping of the release of the egg while results in anovulation for the matter. The common symptoms of PCOS include obesity, infertility, hair loss.

PCOD VS PCOS: The Differences That Exist

Now that we have highlighted upon the terms PCOD and PCOS and the conditions that these terms seem to stand for, we now go on to mention the differences that exist between these two conditions. Here are the details:

  • PCOS is a serious condition: With the right kind of diet and exercise and certain lifestyle schedule, PCOD is known to improve and it really isn’t considered a serious disease. It is a more common condition among women in comparison to PCOS. PCOS is a metabolic disorder that is more serious between the two for the matter and only a third of the women around the globe suffer from this condition.
  • PCOS can be detected early in life: Women who has PCOS is known to show symptoms of the disease since their teenage years for the matter. Acne, excessive weight gain, abnormal hair growth in uncommon places can be the symptoms of PCOS which can be traced during the early years of teenage as a result of metabolic disturbances.
  • Women will PCOD don’t have notable fertility issues: Women who suffer from PCOD doesn’t have any notable fertility issues in comparison to women with PCOS who have higher rates of miscarriages and seem to struggle with infertility to put it precisely. Women with PCOD are known to conceive with ease with a bit of medical help and certain lifestyle changes for the matter. So, this is another major point of difference that exists between the two conditions with fertility being still regarded as an important aspect in the women’s life.
  • PCOS leads to serious health complications: PCOS is such a condition that is not only serious, but it leads to a number of serious health issues with time. Women with PCOS are known to be at a greater risk for developing grave ailments like, diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, high blood pressure, endometrial cancer, obesity etc. In comparison to PCOD, women who suffer from PCOS are always at a risk to develop such lifelong health conditions to put it precisely.
  • Women with PCOD can still ovulate regularly: Women who have PCOD might seem to suffer from some of the common symptoms as PCOS, but the major difference in this respect is the fact that women who suffer from PCOD can still have the ability to ovulate periodically. This leads them to conceive successfully in most of the cases. Those who fail to ovulate periodically and has PCOD can get effective results with certain medicines along with strict lifestyle changes. It isn’t extremely difficult in their respect. But, for women who suffer from PCOS it is difficult to ovulate on a regular basis. It can be said that these women fail to do so as for the severe hormonal imbalance that is effective in disturbing the whole natural process of ovulation to put it precisely.
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