Different types of lips and how to take care of them

November 16, 2023

Different types of lips and how to take care of them

Our personality is defined by a lot of characteristics which create the perception of who we are for ourselves and other people. A lot of those characteristics are represented by the way you talk, the way you behave with different kind of people and the way you express emotions. These are, however, characteristics that are known only to those who are close to you. The first impression of you is always made by the appearance you hold and the way you look from your face and body. Your dressing sense and grooming makes a lot of difference to your first impression. Then there are facial features that say a lot about you. For example, cigarette-stained lips are not attractive to most people and because it doesn’t match the rest of your facial features, it tends to make you look less attractive than your actually are. Which is why a lot of women care a lot about how their lips appear and go on to do surgeries and Botox injection to plump up their lips or to make them lighter. But every lip is unique and we’re here to show you how to care for them naturally.

Types of Lip Shapes

No lips are same and all of them have their own qualities and require a different kind of care and lip shades. Here are the eight different kinds of lip shapes-

Perfectly proportioned or full lips
The lips that are close to perfection for most women are full lips in which both the top and bottom lips are proportioned perfectly. They are prime kind of lips and have an amazing quality of being accentuated by any lip shade. However, nudes and lighter lip shades make full lips look out of this world.

Top heavy lips
Top heavy are those lips where the upper lip has more volume than the lower lips and appears to be hanging over the lower lip. These kinds of lips are commonly found in Indian women. The sharp dip in the upper lip known as the cupid’s bow is negligible or not present in top heavy lips. To make both the lips appear equal for this shape, it is important to outline the lower lip and apply a lighter shade at the centre of the lip to make it look bigger.

Bottom heavy lips
Bottom heavy lips have a greater volume in the lower lip and appears to be pouting out more than the upper lip. Matching the proportion of the lips for this shape can be similar to top heavy. Just put a lip liner on the top lip’s centre and then apply a heavier shade to accentuate them.

Thin lips

Thin lips have a simplicity to them and appear pleasing. They are also an attractive feature to a lot of men even though there is not much volume in them. You can use a lip pencil to draw over the edges of the lips and apply a light lipstick or lip gloss to give them a plump look. You can add exfoliation to your lip care routine twice a week to make them plump naturally.

Broad lips

The lips that open up in a wide smile are broad lips and they make it an important feature for your face. These kinds of lips are generally lengthy then other kind of shapes and require a lip care routine often for dry lips. Mildly darker shades accentuate these kinds of lips more. You can also add an outline to the centre of the lips to create a pout like feature with lipsticks.

Heart shaped lips

One of the most uniquely shaped lips, heart shaped lips have a wider upper lip and a plump but shorter lower lip. The very visible sharp dipped cupid’s bow on the upper lip makes the lips look like the generally drawn heart shape. All sorts of lip shades are appropriate for this shape but remember to use a lip shade that goes with the rest of your skin tone. You may apply dark reds, light brown or go full glittery with them for parties.

Bow shaped lips

The cupid’s bow is prominent in the bow shaped lips and the upper lip looks more like a bow because of the chiselled line running down the sides. The lower lip is well-rounded and voluminous for this shape. These lips are already fabulous but you can further accentuate them by using a shiny gloss or tinted sun lip SPF.

Small rounded lips

This lip shape is generally tagged as cute because of its short length yet plump volume that makes them look rounded evenly. This subtle lip shape doesn’t require any heavy lip shades and care can be given through a routine of lip balm and while going out, a light lip gloss to give them a fuller look.

Lip care routine for naturally plump lips

The first thing to ensure healthy and plump lips is to regularly take care of them like you do for your facial skin. Use a mild lip wash every day to cleanse them deeply. Exfoliation for lips is important to remove dead skin cells and pigmentation. You can use the Namyaa Organic Lip Scrub for smooth and plump lips. In case your lips have darkened due to sun or smoking, Namyaa also has a Lip Lightener Serum that gradually lightens the tone of the lips.

To enhance your lip care for naturally hydrated and plump lips, you must never lick or bite your lips if they feel dry or sore. Hydrating the skin and lips starts from inside, so ensure that you drink at least 3-4 litres of water in a day so that your lip hydration works from the outside as well. Hydration is lost from lips after washing them or exfoliating them, lip balms and lip butters can help you keep your lips moisturised. When you want pouty plump lips, just exfoliation is not enough. Try the Namyaa Lip Plumping Serum that plumps and hydrates the lips by increasing blood flow and boosting collagen in the lips, giving you the perfect pout.

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