Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

August 4, 2022

Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

Being the sleekest cut face in the girl gang and still being ignored by the guys? Or are you wondering why your fashion likings never work out for you? Being a woman has its perks and worries. Every woman has been endowed with a separate natural shape of their body. However, some are not very blessed when it comes to having a full-grown body that catches the attention of people when you’re out rocking a party outfit. Doesn’t matter if you have a pear-type body or an hourglass shape, having the right bust size to match your body type is important. It gives you the self-confidence to get out in any outfit you deem fit for yourself.

Many women are still untouched by the true effects of puberty. Having a small or non-apparent bust size can be very hurtful to your confidence. Sometimes it is just because you haven’t yet had the right time of life, for some it is because their hormonal balance is messed up and for some women it is genetic. Breast size, even though judged by genetics, has its roots in the body itself and it can act out of the boundaries of genetics to increase when stimulated by diets or creams. Fortunately, there are breast enlargement creams that work wonders in getting at least an average-sized bust. Here’s how breast size can increase with the use of natural diet, exercises and breast increase creams and what to know about increasing breast size-

Common Misconceptions About Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement products like creams and massage oils have been around for more than a decade, yet there are a few misconceptions related to the practice to date.

Breast enlargement is for attention seekers

Certainly, breast increase will have more than usual attention coming your way. But it in no way means that only women who seek attention use breast increase creams and capsules. Breast enlargement is a process that gives a boost in confidence when talking to people and it also provides more pleasurable relations with your partner.

Breast increase costs a fortune

If you’re going for heavy surgical procedures like implants or fat transplants, then certainly yes, it might cost you a big chunk of your savings. However, not everyone needs an implant. Many women who have smaller breast sizes are left behind because there is a lack of stimulation and hormones. With advancements in medical techniques, your breast size can increase with just a regular massaging cream.

Breast enlargement might cause cancer

There are several techniques and hacks that can increase breast size. However, the procedures where you’re supposed to inject something into your breast, causing an abnormal tissue growth may cause cancer. Most of these cheap breast enlargement programs might be unsafe since you never know what they are injecting or implanting into your body. Breast enlargement creams, however, work through the skin and require massaging which naturally induces breast increase with hormonal balances being restored.

Can breast size be increased naturally?

Breasts are natural organs, so yes, they can be increased naturally with changes in diet, exercises and everyday activities like breast massages and wearing the right bra size. Here are a few practices if you are not yet ready for breast increase creams-


Add these foods to your diet to naturally increase bust size-

Soy Products

Soybeans and Soymilk are excellent carriers of isoflavones that are like oestrogen in nature. Oestrogen is the hormone that induces breast growth in women. So, having soy milk every evening may help with breast increase. However, make sure you don’t have soy allergies.


Another product from the soy family, tofu is rich in isoflavones too that increase your oestrogen levels, thus increasing bust size.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are good for breast tissue growth as they carry large amounts of phytoestrogens estragole, anethole, and fenchone that helps increase milk production and breast size.


Beetroot is another food that increases the amount of oestrogen in the body. Along with that, it contains large amounts of boron which helps in the synthesis of oestrogen in the body naturally.


Oestrogen can also be increased by eating a regular serving of nuts, especially pistachios and almonds have a good quantity of oestrogen.

Going on a diet for breast enlargement is not really possible for everyone. On top of that, there might be many foods that you might be allergic to. Trying to increase breast size with just a diet will also give you slower results and while you keep waiting for those big bubbles to show, you might even lose motivation to carry on. In such cases, it is better to stimulate the breasts with an enlargement cream and massage them with it.

What Exercises Can Help Breast Growth?

There are a number of exercises that can help you with breast growth, here are some of the simplest ones-

  • Push Ups- Simple push-ups can increase the pec strength and size of your chest muscle, adding that extra oomph.
  • Up-Down Plank- get into the plank position and then use your arms to push yourself up and then get back in the plank position and repeat.
  • Bench Press- Use dumbbells and lay down on a bench and lift the dumbbells up above your chest to induce muscle growth.

Why Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

Breast enlargement can be a big decision and is fueled by body dysphoria. Women who wish an increase in breast size want faster results and want to avoid long drawn procedures that leave scars. Most of these procedures that include surgery have a lot of after-effects like medication and unusual pains. Naturally growing breasts are thus the best way to look better and enhance confidence. Hence, breast enlargement creams work when combined with diet and exercise. Namyaa’s Curvalicious Bust Plumping Cream, absorbs into the skin and stimulates breast tissue growth.

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