Do Lip-Plumping Products Really Work? Benefits of Using It

March 22, 2022

Do Lip-Plumping Products Really Work? Benefits of Using It

The Kardashians! Love them or hate them. But, we all can agree that they are trendsetters. Whatever they do, people follow. Be it bodycon clothing, sheer tops that leave little to the imagination, or contouring techniques. The Kardashians made them a global trend.

However, one thing of the Kardashians that made the world go crazy was their juicy, plumpy lips. A trend set by everyone’s favourite Jenner - Kylie. Well, who doesn’t want lips like Kylie?

Kylie’s lips have been in the news ever since the world first got a glimpse of her now-signature plumpy, fuller, bigger lips. Women of all ages dream of having lips like her. And in today’s age, where everything is possible due to science and biotechnology, there are lip-plumping products available that can turn dreams into reality.

But, do these lip-plumping products really work? Are there any measurable, visible benefits of using them? Read on to find out.

What Are Lip-Plumping Products?

Lip-plumping products or lip plumpers are products that help give you fuller, bigger, and plumper lips. There are various types of lip-plumping products available in the market. They include lip-plumping serums, lip glosses, and suction devices. Depending on the product type, the working methodology, time, and effects will vary. The most commonly used lip-plumping product is lip serum.

How Do Lip-Plumping Products Work?

Lip plumpers contain ingredients that mildly irritate the skin. The most commonly used ingredients are menthol, capsaicin, ginger, and wintergreen. These give a mild, tingling sensation, increase the blood flow to the area, increase collagen production that results in the swelling of your lips. This gives your lips a fuller, plumper appearance. Many brands have also started using hyaluronic acid that supposedly increases volume when used continuously. For the uninformed, hyaluronic acid is a naturally hydrating substance produced in our bodies. Thus, it makes for an ideal candidate for lip-plumping products to give a moisturized and plumped look for your lips.

Do Lip-Plumping Products Actually Work?

Yes! Lip-plumping products, be it a gloss, serum, or a suction device, work and give you a fuller pout. They boost your lip volume without you needing to go under the knife. However, the duration of the fullness appearance varies from product to product. For example, the effects of a lip-plumping gloss can last anywhere from two to four hours and offer a temporary solution. However, if you are looking for a long-lasting solution, you can try serums like Namyaa’s lip plumping serum. While these products don’t provide an instantaneous fix like a filter, you can get refreshed, youthful, fuller lips with continuous daily use and exfoliation. In addition to a fuller appearance, you’ll also get smooth, naturally-glossy pink lips, enviable to others.

What Are the Benefits of Lip-Plumping Products?

Now that you are assured that lip-plumping products do indeed work, look at the benefits of using lip-plumping products.
  • No surgical procedure involved Lip-plumping products will save you from undergoing medical surgical procedures such as lip injections. You’ll also stay away from harmful chemicals used in lip fillers. You will also be spared from frequent trips to the hospital as the procedure needs to be repeated every few months to maintain the desired effects.
  • Offer real, long-lasting results With home lip-plumping products, you have the power in your hands. Depending upon the frequency, you can achieve a natural look that can either be subtle or have a dash of drama. The look also lasts a long time if you use products like a lip-plumping serum. Moreover, you can see the results as quickly as in one session.
  • Saves money Lip-plumping products are easy on the pocket. Most of the lip-plumping products are priced lower than INR 500. Depending upon use, they can last you anywhere from one to two months. Not a bad investment! Other lip-plumping processes like injections, on the other hand, can cost you thousands while providing below expectations or at-par results sometimes.
  • Eliminates the chances of a botch Medical procedures can give your lips an obvious, unnatural look. Additionally, sometimes the procedure can botch, leading to an undesired outcome, and spoiling your look forever.
  • Increases hydration Hydration is an important factor to keep your lips plumpy and fuller. Lip-plumping products, like Namyaa’s lip serum, helps keep your lips hydrated from the core to provide a long-lasting, fuller, and suppler appearance.

What to Look For When Buying a Lip-Plumping Product?

Before you buy a lip-plumping product, make sure you check these three things to ensure that you don’t end up damaging your lips unknowingly while trying to give them a fuller appearance.
  • Ingredients This is the most crucial thing to consider when buying a lip-plumping product. Most lip-plumping products use natural ingredients to give you a fuller pout. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned. Similarly, if your skin is highly sensitive, avoid lip-plumping products that contain bee venom. If used, these products can cause severe reactions.
  • Product type As mentioned earlier, there are different types of lip-plumping products available. If you are looking for a temporary but quick fuller pout, you can opt for a plumping gloss. But, if you are looking for a slow yet permanent solution, you can go with lip plumping serums.
  • We tried various lip-plumpers so that you don’t have to undertake the arduous task of testing the hoards of products out there in the market. In our research, we found that Namyaa’s lip plumping serum is one of the best products you’ll find and that too without being heavier on your pockets. The off-beat product provides complete lip care and is not restricted to being just a lip-plumper. No doubt, you’ll get plumper, smoother, and fuller irresistible lips. But the product will also help heal any issues that you might be facing, such as dark, dry, chapped, cracked, or patchy lips.
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