End Your Fear Of Using Public Toilets With Female Urination Device!

February 1, 2022

End Your Fear Of Using Public Toilets With Female Urination Device!

Say goodbye to yucky and dirty public toilet experiences with this exclusive female urination device that undoubtedly is the call of the hour. Studies have shown that women on the majority prefer to hold the urine for a longer span rather than using the public toilets, but it leads to different health complications like bacteria build up, stone build up, etc. Female Urination Device has made the lives of women a lot easier by helping them pee comfortably in dirty and yucky public toilets to put it precisely. It helps to prevent UTIs, infections and many a deadly disease. With this device, women can simply stand and pee and you really don’t need to wipe off the toilet seat or hold in the toilet seat, or do semi-squats in the process to pee in the dirty and yucky public toilets around the world no matter where you go. Well, not all females know about this exclusive device that is doing the rounds in the present. Read on to know that how this exceptional female urination device can end your fear of using public toilets to put it precisely!   

What Is The Female Urination Device? This device doesn’t soil your clothes owing to its zero-spillage feature and instead is super handy and super easy to use and comes with a simple 'open-place-pee-throw' instruction and is super convenient to use. It is biodegradable, foldable and portable that is crafted from water resistant coated paper. The female urination device can be used with the help of single hand only and is completely leak proof. You can safely carry this female urination device to road trips, marathons, get togethers, dates, treks, and other events as it helps you stay protected from any kind of urinary infections that you might get a result of using public toilets that are extremely dirty and yucky. Pregnant women, then women with other medical conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis etc. can now easily pee with this device as it helps the women to stand and pee, which ensures that women don’t need to sit or bend their knees in the endeavour to urinate. Is super handy female urination device that is easy to carry and fits perfectly in the glove compartment, or pocket or the purse to be precise.

How To Use The Female Urination Device?

  • Step # 1: Open the urination funnel: Take the female urination device and press the top, front and back in a gentle manner to open the device.
  • Step # 2: Place the urination funnel: You need to move your panties and just right under the flow area, place the open end of the funnel between your legs.
  • Step # 3: Peeing with the funnel: Now, you need to bend a little and tilt a little of your hips and ensure that the funnel is tilted down. Now, relax and pee.
  • Step # 4: Disposing the funnel: Dispose off the funnel in the bin.
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