Exercises To Increase Breast Size

October 19, 2022

Exercises To Increase Breast Size

Uplifting breasts is a way of uplifting the woman. The healthier and perky your breasts are, the better your confidence is when you walk out of the wardrobe. The one thing that brings down the mood for us is when the orbs are sagging. They are really the orbs of happiness for our partners too and lacking luster on the breast skin is also a lack of a much anticipated healthy lust in a relationship. When the nipples don't perk up, there is a certain loss of energy that is felt by the partner.

Many women are left behind, sometimes due to nutrition and lack of physical activity, on ample sized breasts. Reduced confidence is the main side-effect when you feel that the milky rounds are not full. Also, many of the outfits that you love to see on the windows have to be ignored when you don’t feel the confidence to rock them. This is why many women are looking for ways to increase their breast size. While plump breasts can be achieved through surgery, it is always better to sculpt the body naturally and let it adapt. So, let’s talk about the natural ways to get perky breasts.

  1. Plank Reach Plank reaches are amazing for improving body balance and reducing effects of bad posture. This exercise brings out your chest and reduces fat around the upper torso. So, here’s how to do it-

    Step 1- Get into a plank position by keeping your wrists under your shoulders and use your toes to balance your body above the ground.

    Step 2-While planking raise your right arm straight ahead and bring it back to the beginning position. You also raise your arm ahead, bring it back to touch your hips and then put them back in the beginning position.

    Step 3-Repeat the same on the other arm and continue for 10 reps. Keep increasing the reps as you gradually build more strength.

  2. Chair Dips Chair dips are the best exercise to focus on the lower chest muscles and lift up the breasts. The exercise can be done easily with a chair at home. Here’s how to do it-

    Step 1- Take a chair, preferably armless, hold the chair or bench with your arms on your sides.

    Step 2-Move your body forward off the edge and keep your feet flat on the floor, keeping them hip length apart.

    Step 3-As you move forward with your arms behind let your torso down slowly taking support of your arms. Push your body back up, straightening your arms. Repeat ten times.

  3. Chest Fly Chest fly is the exercise that focuses all the chest muscles and pumps them up. This brings the breasts forward and gives them a plumpy look. Here’s how to do chest flies using dumbells-

    Step 1- Lie down, on the ground. For more effectiveness you can lay down on a swiss ball or an exercise bench.

    Step 2-With dumbbells in both your hands, according to your capacity, put your hands out to either side, bending your elbows slightly to support the dumbbell weight.

    Step 3-While keeping your arms tight, bring them together above your chest and then slowly bring them back to the beginning position. Do this for 10 reps a day and increase the reps with growth in strength.

  4. Push Ups The most common exercise in the world, and it can be done anywhere anytime. You can do it on the ground, on a platform, on your kitchen counter and even with the support of a wall. Here’s how to-

    Step 1- Get into plank position as you’d do for plank reaches. Keeping your elbows as close to your torso as possible, lower your body down till your body is only a few centimeters away from the floor.

    Step 2- Bring your torso up again while pushing the floor. Keep your back, glutes and knees tight while doing so. If you have trouble beginning, try taking support of your knees instead of balancing on your feet. You can also use a platform to decrease the amount of strength, thus doing

    Step 3- As you increase your strength over weeks, you shall try to decline push-ups. Just put your feet up on a low bench or platform and perform the push-ups with your hands on the floor. This will affect your lower and upper chest muscles giving a plump look to your breasts.

What are the different ways to increase breast size?

There are various ways for increasing the bust size, cosmetic, surgical, and natural. And trust us, most men like to go for natural looking bodies. While cosmetic ways like push-up bras and breast lifting tapes are great to fix the look of an outfit, they are of no use when you really need to take them off for a touchy feely night. So, you require a certain and permanent solution. Surgical procedures can increase breast size using implants or fat grafting but the looks are not so “natural” and some surgeons are not that good.

Implants can make your boobs look unnaturally round and will give away the secret when touched. Not everyone likes to have fake parts unless it is the only choice, or if someone is genetically flat chested. So, when you see slower growth in breast size or want to increase the perkiness, it is best to make some changes in diet and start with exercises. As for diet, you must know that there is no certified food for it, most of the changes from diet depend on the increase in fat or female sex hormones that increase breast size. Yet, you can still benefit in that area with milk, nuts and legumes, and a lot of seafood, they will increase your female sex hormones that are responsible for breast increment. The most effective and accepted way of increasing breast size, however, is exercise.

Posture improving exercises are the best way to get perky breasts. Many times the breasts are of ample size but the fat around your chest and side doesn’t let them stand out. There are also women who have a normal breast growth but because of a slouching posture they look smaller. Loss of chest muscles due to sedentary lifestyle may also cause breasts to sag or appear flatter than they are. So, here are the exercises you can do to improve your posture, activate the chest muscles and get a plump set of breasts-

What to combine with exercises?

Exercises are a great way to pump up your chest and add the perkiness to your breasts. The lows of exercise, however, are disappointing. Muscles get tensed and swell up after exercise but as you rest, the pump in them goes down. Hence, it is important to keep them pumped or hold their shape. This is the reason why many trainers suggest massages. For your curves however, you need not go to a spa.

You can massage your breasts with a firm hand after exercise or before sleep to keep them perky even if you go on a week off from exercising. Namyaa’s Curvalicious Bust Plumping Cream can help you retain the plump in your breasts you get from exercise. It’s herbal, paraben free formulation ensures that it suits your skin. The Curvalicious Bust Plumping Cream also stimulates your breasts to get a brighter skin with increased mammary glands.

There are many types of breasts and the best way to build confidence is to learn about your breast type. You can use push up bras to lift your breasts for outfits you like if you have tear drop breasts. Exercising regularly and having a balanced diet will automatically perk up your breasts. Use Namyaa’s Bust Plumping Cream for added results and firmness. Love your body type and you’ll gain more trust in your sexiness.

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