How To Deal with Bad Skincare Days

October 31, 2023

How To Deal with Bad Skincare Days

Perfection is certainly not achievable as there will always be something better than what is now. Same goes for your skin! While you might be looking fabulous with flawless skin on most days, no one is exempt from having skin that is far from good on some days. Let’s wake up to reality, no one gets out of bed being Instagram ready as they pretend on the ‘day with me’ videos. While there are a lot of good influencers who show the true side of the make-up industry, one shall not believe anything they see trending on the internet. Flawless skin is always the result of a good skin treatment routine and yet there is no way you can stop that one bad skin day from arriving. So, without hanging on to regrets of last night or cursing make-up decisions, it is better to just rejuvenate your skin by treating it with care on those terrible days. Since your bad skin day might be caused because of multiple troubles, let us give you a detailed gist of things that can irritate or change your skin and how you can avoid it all;

What brings a bad skin day?

Bad skin can be different for all. For some it is the sudden breakout of acne, while for some it could be dry cracked up skin and then some might see it as dull or darker skin complexion. Certainly, the glow might go out on days when the previous day has been a torture on your skin and here are the reasons-

High stress levels

Had a heated debate the day before? Or did you have trouble playing the good manager at work? There is plenty of situations that can have a negative effect on your mental peace and cause you to be stressed out. Stress is a condition that creates toxins in the body which show up on the skin and hair. Hence, if you’ve had a stressful week or a day with intense stress, you might see breakouts the next day. Try to delve more into your hobbies, exercise, try yoga or simply relax on the couch to keep stress related skin issues at bay.

Poor food and sleep

Food and sleep are the two main requirements for human survival, both mentally and physically. Not having a healthy diet or getting short hours of sleep can result in a lot of health issues. The inadequate supply of nutrients and rest also shows up on the skin. Less sleep causes dark circles and makes the skin dull. Whereas improper diet and junk food causes boils and acne breakouts to become more frequent.

New skin product

There is no prophesising whether a new ingredient or product will suit your skin or not. There are several skin types and one product can never be for all, unless it is an herbal or Ayurvedic solution. So, it may be that the product which you’re using for the first time reacted with the sweat and caused a breakout or a rash on the skin. So, doing a patch test is necessary before using a new product. More so when you’re using a night time product, as you’ll sleep over a reactive product and sustain more damage.

Pollution and sweat

Pollution and sweat cannot be put together. Sweat becomes an inorganic chemical once it gets mixed up with the pollution outside. Your bad skin day might be a result of travelling in pollution and heat without getting a chance to wash the grime off of your skin. Some days we just don’t get the time for a good skin care routine or pampering, especially while travelling for work or holidays. This can lead to you waking up to a bad skin with acne and dullness.

What to do on a bad skin day?

The first thing to do after noticing bad skin is to move ahead with positivity. A good skin will come back but stressing over it shall not be in your routine. So, clear your head of self-doubt and start with the following things-


Since bad skin is caused by unclean skin first, it is good to start your skin healing routine with a deep cleanse. Start with using a make-up removing wipe to remove any leftover particles of make-up from your skin. Then go for the face-wash and massage it on your face for at least 3 minutes and leave it on for another 2-3 minutes before rinsing with water. Since we’re speaking of removing make-up, it is better not to use a lot of make-up for your skin. Foundations and concealers can be helpful to hide irritated skin but remember it will irritate your pores even more. So, use them with caution and only when necessary.

Exfoliate but gently

Exfoliation is the next step after your cleanse but has to be done cautiously. If you only have dull skin without any signs of irritation of acne breakout, use an exfoliant scrub with gentle hands. Whereas, if you find that you have broken, acne ridden or irritated skin, it is better to not exfoliate for the day.

Hydrate your skin

Hydrated skin is happy skin, there are few who will complain about rough or broken skin if they are hydrating. So, always make sure that your skin is getting the necessary moisture for the day. Use a milk or plant (aloe vera) based moisturiser that absorbs in the pores and keeps your skin hydrated for longer. Try to moisturise at least 3X a day for a healthy and supple skin feel.

Use cool water

This for them who experience bad skin days because of frequent acne breakouts. Cold water helps the skin cells to heal and repair faster. So, try to rinse your skin with cold water every morning before starting to put your moisturisers and serums. Cold water will bring firmness to your pores and keep away skin inflammation.

Regular skin care is essential for the skin but the lifestyle that we have also affects the quality of the skin. So, make sure that you follow a good diet plan that keeps your bodily fluids clean. Drink plenty of water through the day and ensure a good night’s sleep through yoga, meditation and physical exercise. When you keep your lifestyle pure, your skin will balance itself to that purity.

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