How To Get Instant Relief From Period Pain

October 11, 2022

How To Get Instant Relief From Period Pain

Pain is the truth of human life but we all learn to live through it. The statement is more true for women as they go through pains that other genders barely experience in their lives. Every girl and lady remembers their first pang of cramps when they hit unexpectedly. That is when it’s run to our mothers and ask what just happened. And the only answer they might give you is that ‘you’ll get used to it’. Most do but not all have the same lifestyle and comfort zones to ease the pain. And some months it is hell to go through the bloody cycle. Those times, moods and physical strength go for a stroll. It is irritable and people who know not what you’re experiencing think you’re overreacting. That is irritating as well! You can ease the pain using heat pads but very few products provide instant period pain relief. So, what do you do when you can’t take many painkillers?

Periods are an important part of the female reproductive system. While it is painful, it is also necessary to bring you those happier moods and great bed drive for a better mental and physical health. Periods are necessary for better blood circulation and good heart health as it regulates a lot of necessary hormones. Keeping your cycles regulated and without trouble gives you a mentally and physically fit body. Of course you need a good diet and daily physical activity. But for a good cycle it is a few days of sudden cramps that keep you up at night and spoil your mood. Sips or heat from hot water works on first days of pms but on the red days it needs something external such as period cramp relief ointment or roll on. While you might not get the chance to use them some days, reducing cramps by regulating period cycles works. Here’s what happens in the uterus and what you need to work on.

Why is your stomach griping or cramping?

Stomach cramps in women are caused mostly by menstruation or PMS. While not all women experience the similar intensity of pain, cramps still rise in intensity by the ending of the cycles. The cramping or griping in the lower belly happens because of the uterus working out the blood that it has stored. The female body after a year of puberty constantly tries to create space for the eggs that might or might not turn into fetuses. While the uterus is not clever enough to detect when they’re being fertilized, they create the embryonic fluid till the time the egg is fresh and fertile. This causes the walls of the uterus to repair themselves continuously while shedding the inner lining. This causes the uterus to contract while menstruating to release the dead tissue into the amniotic fluid for it to be expelled.

Now, not all women shed the same amount of inner lining but the uterus contracts in all situations. Your period not being regulated every cycle or getting them late is caused by excess blood flow or shedding of dead tissue. Better immunity and hormonal balance keep this cycle intact. If your physical lifestyle or stress levels increase, hormonal activity stumbles and your cycles get painful and longer. That’s how you know that you need to keep your health in check to have a regulated cycle. So, either use diet or home remedies or keep a cramp relief roll on for the worst of days.

What to do for instant period pain relief and how to avoid it? Home remedies and general painkillers can provide instant relief from period pain. If want more than just instant period pain relief here’s what you can do-
  • Warm up with heat
  • Applying heat to the lower belly right above your uterus eases the contractions. The uterus lining sheds out and dissolves easily to flush out the amniotic fluid quicker without pain. Using hot water bags can release tension from back and abdominal muscles. Heat from a stone as spa therapy can also act as instant period back pain relief.

  • Take pain relievers
  • There are certain pain relievers that work as instant pain relief from muscle pain and cramps. You’re however not supposed to have too many steroids, if you take a lot of steroidal painkillers your kidneys and uterus are at a risk of getting damaged. So, always go for non-steroidal painkillers like ibuprofen or naproxen. While pain relievers and heat massages might get you pain relief in a short time, you can also get to avoid too much period pain by changing lifestyle habits and diet. Here’s what you can do for long term reduction of stomach cramps-
  • Exercise
  • So cramps are caused by contraction and your hip pain is due to tension in the muscles. So, to make the muscles used to pain and exercise does just that. Regular exercise stretches and contracts the muscles rapidly, making them adapt to cramps. Exercising also makes the body secrete endorphins that make the pain fuzzy for the brain and you won’t feel it to the extent you usually do. Pelvic floor exercises like squats and bridges can be helpful.
  • Stress relief
  • Stressing is the main cause of hormonal disbalance that causes irregularity in the monthly cycle as well. When the hormones are out of place you always get longer periods or short but painful ones. So, preventing irregular contractions in the uterus requires a healthy work-life balance, stress free moods, and some daily me time. You can also try anti-stress spa treatments, mood listing yogic exercises or deep breathing meditations.
  • Keep your Vitamins and Minerals in plenty
  • A properly nourished body always has regulated systems to tackle issues in the body. Your diet doesn’t have to be just proteins and carbs, vitamins and minerals are suggested to give not instant but long term relief from period pain if you start a healthy balanced diet. Certain vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B1 and magnesium might help with period cramps{link}. So, add these foods to your diet- Nuts and seeds Wholegrains Legumes, lentils and chickpeas Spinach Cauliflower Kale Avocado Asparagus Citrus fruits What to use for instant relief from severe period pain?

    All things considered, you can certainly get away from awful cramps in the long run by changing your nutrition and lifestyle. You may also get some relief during those days with a hot water bag but that works only on low intensity cramps. For some of us the pain is sudden and comes at odd times when you can’t really pop a pill or use a hot water bag. To get relief from period cramp instantly, you can use a roll on ointment that works by relaxing the muscles in your belly and back. Namyaa’s Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On works like magic and eases period cramps in a few minutes. Try the roll on whenever you like- traveling, at the office, or home. The combination of peppermint oil, almond oil and hemp seed oil is great for releasing tension from the abdominal and back muscles. The cramp relief roll on will certainly help those who have an irregular exercise routine and diet.

    There are a number of things you do in daily life that can cause severe cramps or heavier flow during the cycle. Keeping your body healthy is the only way to keep your uterus healthy. When the uterus can function as easily as your bladder, the period days become less painless. With irregular periods and increasing pain every month you shall also check with your gynac. Check out Namyaa’s feminine health products for a healthy period cycle.

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