How to Get Perky Breasts Without Exercise

August 12, 2022

How to Get Perky Breasts Without Exercise

Many women think perky breasts or bigger-sized boobs can only be achieved with expensive breast augmentation surgeries. It’s a common misconception too that only bigger breasts are squeezed with love. Breasts of all shapes and sizes receive equal attention and augle. ‘Perky boobs’ however have now become a fashion statement. Every woman wants to feel confident when nude. Body dysphoria only happens when one isn’t confident in their skin. And when it comes to breasts, even though perfect boobs don’t exist, women have created this illusion of having perfectly round, perky breasts that don’t need a bra for a quick fix. Although breast augmentation fixes the size and shape of breasts, there are specific hacks like using tape that can give you a quick transformation for an outfit. Exercising is also another way you can just fight gravity and keep those titties up and perky. But remember, no hack is worth it to give desired results if you’re inconsistent with it.

Women love seeing results even if it’s an immediate fix. Look around your house and there’ll be a good chance you will find exactly what you need for how you can get perky boobs or perky ‘looking’ breasts. Here’s what you can do right now to reshape your breasts -

#1 Makeup Hack 

For that little oomph your breasts need, makeup is the perfect way to achieve it without spending too much cash. Using pearly, sparkly body cream can make your cleavage pop while using a dark bronzer can give a silhouette of a bigger cup size.

For a lighter, natural lift: Use a shimmering highlighter to make your breasts appear fuller and perkier but don’t dramatically overdo this step. The shimmer gives the cleavage a subtle boost and a plunging neckline.

For a drastic lift: A dark contour creates shadows, giving an illusion of bigger breasts. Use a contour stick that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone and outline the inside and top of your breasts. Draw lines on each of your collar bones on top and bottom of it. Now, with a matte highlighting stick outline all the bronzer lines and then blend using circular motions.

#2 Bra Hacks

Bras obviously are the best way to give you the uplift you need and keep your breasts from bouncing too much. However, choosing the right size and perfect bra type can give your breasts a big, perky boost.

DIY Racerback Bra: Give your regular bra a racerback makeover to give your tatas some lift. All you got to do is pin the bra straps at the back. You can use short velcro strips, paperclips, pins, or specially designed clips to hold the bra straps in place together. Place the paperclip or velcro strip at the middle of the back depending on how plunged you want your breast lift to appear.

Bra Stack: A classic trick to make your breasts appear bigger is to stack multiple bras on. And it’s simple: Just wear two bras. It may feel slightly uncomfortable in the beginning but in time you’ll get used to it. You’ll need two bras of different sizes. One of them is your regular size bra and the second one would be of a bigger cup size. The second larger bra is worn over the regular-sized bra.

Sock stuffing: Some women can even stuff their bra with a pair of socks to get an instant cleavage enhancement. Fold each sock and put them under the outside of your breasts. You can use any kind of socks but different sizes will give you different results. Larger sock - bigger lift.

#3 Wise Outfit Choice  

Hate putting in time and effort but still want perky breasts? Have a nice look at your closet. Tops, shirts, and dresses with V-neck, plunging neckline or a sweetheart neckline are the best outfit choices to show some cleavage and give an illusion of a breast lift. Another great thing about this hack is you can pair it with any of the above hacks listed.

#4 Tape Them Up 

You can use gaffer tape, sports tap, or specially designed tape that lifts your breasts when you’re not in the mood of wearing a bra. (Choose any tape but STAY AWAY from duct tape!) Gaffer tape has a strong grip and hold but may eventually irritate the skin so if you’re having an allergic reaction or skin irritation, sports tape would be an alternative choice for getting instant perky breasts.

There are two ways you can use boob tapes:
For deep and V-neck dresses/tops/shirts: Cut a strip of boob tape long enough to reach the bottom of the breasts to the top of your shoulder. Lift your breasts to the designed position and tape it starting from underneath your breasts. Begin from the outside of the breasts and keep adding strips as you tape moving inwards.

For strapless/backless dresses/tops: Cut a strip of boob tape long enough to reach from the outside of one breast to the other one. Lift your breasts slightly and beginning from the bottom, tape the breasts horizontally across. Add more layers of tape moving inward until the breasts are covered and the nipples aren’t seen.

#5 Push-Up Bra (not the exercise) 

Investing in a push-up bra is one of the most ideal purchases you’ll make. It’s an absolute must-have in your closet cause it’s perfect for all breast types. It’s famous for giving maximum support and lift, making your breasts look fuller and plunging your cleavage even further.

You don’t have to go get needle pricks and under the knife to have a breast lift. There are hacks you can use for a quick fix with a similar effect. But some of these hacks are not comfortable for everyday wear like the boob tape and bra stacking. So, you could rather use Namyaa’s Curvalicious Bust Plumping cream for better results. Add this cream and massage to your skincare routine and be consistent with it for quicker results

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