How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor in Summers!

March 24, 2021

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor in Summers!
There is nothing to crib and cry about vaginal odors as it is a normal phenomenon. It is a usual fact about the vagina that is very much expected to put it precisely. A healthy vagina’s scent might be described as ‘fleshly’ or ‘musky’ for the matter. Menstruation might cause a slightly ‘metallic’ scent for a few days, and intercourse can also lead to a change in the smell of the vagina for a few days. Summers mean extremely hot weather and excessive sweating, which means that there are chances of a stronger vaginal smell due to sweat in the hotter months of the season. It is extremely important that you understand that what is the ‘normal’ smell of your vagina. You need to remember that your vagina shall have a distinctive smell, it is self-cleaning, it can naturally maintain a healthy pH balance and keep unhealthy bacteria at a distance. At times during summers, you might experience unfamiliar scents with a stark difference in your odor. At times there might be itching, irritations, and discharges, in which case it is best to consult your doctor. But, there is always a way out to help women get rid of unwanted vaginal odors in the summers; following certain tricks might be helpful in this case. Here are some of the techniques that you can try out to help get rid of unwanted vaginal odors during summer:
  • Wear Cotton Underwear:
  • During summers, there is the creation of more sweat in your private parts owing to the hot and humid temperatures. It is best that you say goodbye to your polyester, satin, or silk panties and choose to wear 100% cotton underwear. Cotton is a breathable fabric, and it does a great job in wicking away fluids and sweat from your body. It restricts excess moisture, which might cause havoc to your natural bacteria levels and lead to innumerable infections, to be precise. Stay cool with cotton undies known to prevent unwanted smells as far as your vagina is concerned and more so during summers.
  • Go In For A pH Balanced Vaginal Wash Solution:
  • Washing your vagina with only soap and water isn’t enough. It might lead to more complications while upsetting the natural pH balance of the vagina. Go in for a pH-balanced vaginal wash solution that is mild and gentle and is formulated for the sensitive needs of the vagina. Make sure you opt for the right kind of product in this respect. Using a proper pH balanced vaginal wash solution shall not only help maintain proper intimate hygiene in the warmer months of summer, but it shall help keep your vagina sweat-free which shall effectively help restrict unwanted smells in your private parts.
  • Avoid Using Sanitary Pads During Summers:
  • Prolonged use of sanitary pads during the summer season can lead to smelly vaginas. It creates havoc down there when the smell of your menstrual blood mixed with the sweat there, and it might lead to unwanted and strong vaginal odors. So, for the summer season, it is best not to wear sanitary pads during menstruation, and instead, you can go in for tampons or menstrual cups to avoid menstrual odors. The use of tampons or menstrual cups is more hygienic during the hotter months of the year and keeps your vagina dry, and restricts any kind of unwanted intimate odors during the season. Make this switch to tampons or menstrual cups and smell fresh during summers.
  • Practise Good Hygiene:
  • A number of factors are there to ensure that you don’t smell bad down there. As the summer season is the time of excessive sweating, which results in bad odor, it is important that you practice overall good hygiene including, intimate hygiene parameters for the matter. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet with the proper share of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., change your clothes immediately after rigorous exercise sessions or physical activities, wash your body at least twice a day, and also make sure to clean your vagina from time to time with a proper pH balanced vaginal wash solution. Not only this, remember to wash your vagina after intercourse every time during summers. To stay healthy and fresh and to avoid unwanted vaginal odors during summer, you do need to practice good hygiene in totality.
  • Use Only External Deodorising Products:
  • During summers, if you are interested in going for an intimate deodorizing product, then make sure you select it carefully and use it externally and never near your vagina. There are different intimate area perfumes that you can go in for, but make sure you use them outside of the labia. Refrain from inserting them as these products can mess up with your chemistry, leading to bigger problems in this case. Go in for natural or organic range as these are free from chemical content to put it precisely. Choose the one that is mild and gentle and is free from any side effects. Remember that deodorizing products that are high on synthetics can lead to more significant damage. It is extremely important to choose the best kind of external deodorizing products after checking their ingredients. Say goodbye to vaginal odors during summers with these tricks that are known to work wonders!
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