How to Get Sparkly White Underarms Rid of Embarrassing Dark Spots?

November 29, 2022

How to Get Sparkly White Underarms Rid of Embarrassing Dark Spots?

The reason why everyone applies deodorants more on their underarms is that the area sheds a lot. One direction has been followed that you always wash your underarms thoroughly while bathing. It is because of the rapidly dying skin cells in the area, that you must remove accumulated matter each day. This rapid cell degeneration in the armpits along with heavy sweat excretion is what causes dark spots. There are some who have lesser sweat glands in the area but it doesn’t stop the skin cells from degrading. There are heavier tough spots in the underarm that take time and efficient substances to clear out. While most of these substances that you get over the counter are quick, they have chemicals and bleaches that are a temporary solution. Moreover, these products cause long term damage to the underarm skin, which in turn gives you harsher, more prominent dark spots. So, it is better to treat armpit dark spots with natural remedies and home ingredients. Let us keep you informed on the best home remedies to remove underarm spots-

  1. Use mild soaps

    The armpit skin is soft and delicate, usual bath soaps turn out to be irritants to it. Most soaps come with bleaches and harsh froth makers that turn the skin dry. The damage that occurs to underarm skin due to soaps is one of the reasons why black spots appear. So, always use a soap for your underarm, which you would use for your face. Mild soaps clear the dead skin cells without drying up or damaging the area. This step alone can prevent worsening of any armpit dark spots.

  2. Refrain from spraying perfumes directly
  3. Perfumes come with high alcohol content and almost everyone has the habit of spraying them directly on the underarms. Deodorants and perfumes can irritate the skin and your underarm can get inflamed. If you’ve read the labels, most deodorants come with the step of spraying it from an eight to ten inch distance. Spraying them directly on the skin causes dark spots and blackening as a side effect. It is better to spray the perfume or deodorant on the cloth from a safe distance. This will reduce inflammation in the armpits and lessen the chances of dark spots reappearing.

  4. Never shave
  5. Shaving off underarm hair can feel liberating but ends up being irritable. The ingrown hairs, rashes because of the blade and regrowing hair, all cause irritation and itching in the underarm. This causes you to itch irresistibly and create more dark and patchy skin. Even hair removal creams have harmful substances that cause blackening of skin. Unless it is a herbal hair removal cream, it’s better to just wax or laser treat your underarm hair.

  6. Apply lemon juice
  7. Citric fruits are natural detoxifiers. They have the qualities of bleach without the side effects of chemical bleaching products. Lemon juice has a good amount of citric acid which gently exfoliates and clears the dead skin cells. Applying 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice on your underarm skin can reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells and gradually lighten dark underarms. Lemon juice is used as a face cleanser as well, so you are perfectly safe while using it to remove underarm spots.

  8. Apply aloe vera pulp
  9. Aloe vera is currently the most trending herb used in skincare products. Most prevalent skin conditions like acne, dryness and oily skin can be mitigated with the use of aloe vera. For skin as fragile as underarms, aloe vera is the best option to clear dark spots. Antibacterial properties of the herb make it an excellent cleanser which soothes the skin and lightens it. A bowl of aloe vera pulp, applied three times a week to the armpits can improve skin quality and complexion.

  10. Use apple cider vinegar
  11. Apple cider vinegar is in trend these days. It seems to have detoxing characteristics for the tummy. A lot of fitness enthusiasts are using it as a fat cutter. We’re not sure whether it can give you two inches less on your tummy but it can certainly give you two tones lighter skin. Apple cider vinegar has cleansing and exfoliating qualities due to the amino and lactic acids. These compounds gradually clear out dead skin cells from the underarms and bring out new, much brighter skin forth.

  12. Mix rosewater and baking soda
  13. This is one of the lesser known home treatments for armpit dark spots. Rosewater has been used since ages to lighten skin and soothe it. Baking soda has excellent cleansing and exfoliating properties. When these two are mixed, they create a concoction that cleanses, polishes and soothes the skin. Applying this mixture twice every week detoxes underarm skin and reduces inflammation caused due to fabrics. Rosewater and baking soda have exfoliating effects on dead skin cells that remove odour from armpits.

  14. Apply tea tree oil
  15. Hyperpigmentation is the main reason why the skin in some areas turn darker. It makes the skin cells fuller with melanin and darken the area. Tea tree oil is a great way to reduce melanin directly off the epidermis (upper skin). It is a natural antimicrobial mask that keeps bacterial odour away. In that process it also keeps bacterial inflammation at bay, making the skin rash free. Its clearing effect tightens and lightens the skin. While tea tree oil might not be readily available near you, you can use products that are concocted with it. Namyaa’s Underarm Whitening Cream & Mask are made with soothing and purifying tea tree and lavender oil. Along with aloe vera extracts and activated charcoal, it also lightens and exfoliates the skin. It's all herbal formula makes it safe for all skins without side effects of parabens and harsh chemicals.

There are a lot of reasons why underarms get patchy skin. It naturally happens with age and daily sweating and chaffing. Not keeping underarms under the hygiene routine can also have darkening effects. Keeping proper hygiene and making amends for exfoliating skin can easily underarm dark spots. Namyaa’s Underarm Lightening Kit can be your routine for impeccable and bright underarm skin.

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