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How To Use A Menstrual Cup On The Go?

by Karun Bholewasi |

Menstrual cups have already become a favorite among women in the present times. There are a host of advantages that menstrual cups have to their credit which makes the switch all the more beneficial for women. You can find ultra-soft premium range of reusable menstrual cups that make for a brilliant drive towards better, stain-free and happy periods. It is here to offer you total protection along with odor-free and sensation free periods every month. Wondering that how to use a menstrual cup on the go? Well, it is extremely easy to use to say the least. You just have to remember that for the maintenance of ultimate hygiene and cleanliness, it is best to always carry a proper menstrual cup wash. Make sure you go in for an organic menstrual cup wash that has been formulated with plant-based ingredients and is known to help clean your menstrual cup and protect the cup and your intimate area from residues and troubles. Here’s how to use the menstrual cup on the go:

  • Step # 1: Washing Your Hands Thoroughly For times when you suddenly start your periods on the go, before proceeding with the usage of the usage of the menstrual cup, first and foremost, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Step # 2: Folding The Menstrual Cup The next step is folding the cup. The menstrual cup needs to be folded so that it becomes easier to insert in the vagina. The cup that is embedded will pop open inside the vagina for a leak-proof experience. The 7 Fold: Take the menstrual cup and push it from both ends and curve the cup on the right side, diagonally to the left side of the cup to get the number 7 fold. The C Fold: For this fold, you need to push the cup from both the ends and curve the cup to make the letter C before you insert it in your intimate part. The Punch Down Fold: Take the menstrual cup and push the front side of the menstrual cup towards the bottom of it to punch it down in the vagina. Once you have successfully done the proper fold, you need to proceed with the next step of inserting it in the vagina.
  • Step # 3: Inserting The Menstrual Cup After you have successfully folded the menstrual cup, you need to insert the menstrual cup in your vagina while directing it towards the back until it opens up.
  • Step # 4: Relaxing Get a relaxing and comfortable feel with the proper insertion of the menstrual cup as you are on the go.  Removing The Menstrual Cup: To remove the menstrual cup on the go is extremely easy to say the least. Here’s how to go about it:
  • Step # 5: Pulling The Menstrual Cup You need to get hold of the stem of the menstrual cup to pull it out of the vagina. All you need to do is, squat or sit on the toilet and use your index finger or any other finger along with the thumb to pull it out.
  • Step # 6: Taking Out The Menstrual Cup After you pull the menstrual cup, you need to take it out in a careful manner. Remember when you take out the cup, you need to angle the menstrual cup sideways as you take out one half of the cup first and then the other half to ensure that the blood doesn’t fall out of the cup.
  • Step #7: Washing The Menstrual Cup For best results, wash the menstrual cup with the menstrual cup wash that shall help clean your menstrual cup and protects the cup and your intimate area from residues and irritants and comes with the refreshing smell of rose. Thus, using the proper menstrual cup wash can help keep your menstrual cup clean, fresh and fragrant for years to come. Try out the menstrual cup right away, for using it on the go, is super easy!
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