How to Use UTI Syrup Properly: Tips and Guidelines

May 15, 2023

How to Use UTI Syrup Properly: Tips and Guidelines

The alarming rate of UTIs in the country has been continuing for a while now and yet, there are lots who suffer silently until the infection has put them on a hospital bed. UTIs or Urinary Tract Infection are a leading cause of kidney issues in women. It makes the kidney weaker and in later years, there is a higher chance of kidney failure. While the reason behind getting a UTI is unsatisfactory hygiene routines and unsanitary toilet and bath conditions. Both of these issues can be dealt with while one is at home but becomes difficult to resolve outdoors.

Almost every time a woman gets an UTI infection it is because of using a public toilet. A huge number of women today are getting out in the world to work, travel, explore or all three at the same time. A large number of them are on first time trips to crowded places in the world. It is difficult to judge a toilet seat with just its clean look. Many of these restrooms are used by many different people with unknown infections and unhygienic lifestyles. It is common to catch a UTI in such conditions when you’ve got no time to think of personal cleaning and washing on the go.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have a lot of hydration and pee out multiple times, causing the bacteria to get flushed out. If not, you'll have a long day before you get to your safe toilet seat, by which time, the bacteria would have already infected most of your urethra. UTIs are less talked about which makes people look for solutions after they feel their first pinch while peeing. So, the only way to wash out the effects of UTIs is to take a medication that targets the symptoms of urinary infections and detoxes the kidney, bladder and urethra. In the case of curable infections like UTIs it is always better to go for a chemical residue and side effect free solution.

What is the best herbal solution for UTIs?

The symptoms of UTI affect your bladder and then your kidneys. The kidneys are a delicate part of the system which gets affected by chemical components found in antibiotic tablets and steroids. If you’ve felt the first signs of UTIs (irritation in the urinary tracts, pain in the upper abdomen, and pain while urinating), you still have time to use a herbal syrup that contains ingredients designed by nature itself to heal the body and restore functions to fight against invasive infections.

There are certain herbs known by the Ayurveda that have the desired effect on UTIs and it’s symptoms;

Makoy- also known as the Black Nightshade has antiallergenic and antidiabetic properties along with vitamins and minerals necessary for immunity, in its fruit. It is also a natural diuretic that helps fill up the bladder with water and flush it out regularly.

Sonth- its dry ginger that has the properties of clearing out the kidneys, as a diuretic and detox agent that improves fluid functions in the body.

Punarnava- this is also another anti-inflammatory and diuretic that helps clear out the kidneys and relieve pain and inflammation in the urinary system.

Varun- it is a blood purifier and diuretic that detoxes the kidney and will help flush your bladder continuously to relieve you of any bacterial presence.

Lajwanti- seeds from the touch-me-not plant that shuts its leaves when you touch them, are popular as diuretics which increase urine production.

Kulthi- extracts from this seed can help with digestion allowing the other herbs to easily synthesise water from the organs.

Gokshura- this perennial dry land herb is known for its ability to regulate menstrual health, helping to disinfect the uterus and bladder.

The infusion of these medicinal plants in a syrup form can help eradicate UTIs. Thus, Namyaa brings the combination of the same with the Mutrakriccha UTI Syrup. This syrup starts a detox system from the first couple of days which continues for the next 90 days to completely fortify your bladder and your kidneys against bacterial and fungal infections. The only factor that you have to take care of is the proper hydration and nutrition for your system, while going through the course of treatment.

How does the Namyaa Mutrakriccha Syrup help and how to take it?

Namyaa Mutrakriccha Syrup has intense diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties to help with the symptoms of and to eliminate UTI infections. A diuretic is any substance that pulls water and sodium (salt) from your blood vessels and veins. It helps the kidneys flush itself into the bladder to excrete more water from the body. Through this process, the bladder and kidneys are cleared from bacterial presence.

Namyaa Mutrakriccha Syrup helps relieve pain experienced during urination which is the most common symptom of UTIs. The anti-inflammatory ingredients lower down the pain which helps you pee as much as you want without any burning sensation.

The syrup is made with herbs that are also great at fighting ailments which dull the immune response against infections. This makes the syrup a great treatment which also prevents the recurrences of UTIs. Meanwhile the antioxidant values of the syrup help in maintaining healthy kidneys to support overall well-being.

Namyaa Mutrakriccha is certainly an advanced solution that comes from the books of Ayurveda, however, there are a few things to consider while taking the medication:

  • Drink lots of water while you’re taking the syrup to help the body flush out toxins and bacteria.
  • Make sure you don’t hold back from urinating, urine stored in the bladder will promote bacterial growth.
  • Complete the course of the syrup for maximum benefits and to avoid getting UTIs in the future.

How to use the Syrup Properly?

The Namyaa Mutrakriccha Syrup needs to be taken twice every day. Go for a 20 ml serving of the syrup everyday after breakfast and dinner. If you wish to avoid getting infections in the future it is better to continue taking the syrup for the next 90 days.

Namyaa brings to you the best hygiene and wellness solutions that have helped hundreds of women in getting rid of menstruation issues, infections, lactation issues and many more. Choose the herbal life with Namyaa.


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