Irregular Periods? Don't Ignore it, Try these Remedies

February 12, 2021

Irregular Periods? Don't Ignore it, Try these Remedies
Irregular periods is something that every woman faces in her life at some time or the other. Periods are considered regular if the cycle occurs anytime between 24-38 days and it is irregular if the time keeps changing with your periods arriving sooner or later. changes with the time There are a number of reasons that causes irregularities in the periods like, hormonal imbalances, stress, uterine fibroids, pregnancy, breast-feeding, ovulation issues, thyroid problems, PCOS, hormonal imbalances etc. While every cause has specific treatments that are enlisted to relieve the woman of necessary pain and trouble from irregularities in periods, but whatever be the matter, such irregularities should never be ignored to put it precisely. It is therefore advisable that whenever you find any irregularity in your menstrual cycle, it is best to consult your doctor at the earliest and get the necessary treatment. The treatments depend on finding out the reason that is causing such irregularities in the periods and getting the prescribed medications along with advices from your doctor. However, there are certain remedies that you can try out at home to regularise your periods. Wondering about what these remedies are? Well, these are scientifically backed remedies that can help to get your periods back on track:  
  • Choose To Do Yoga: Yoga is the most ancient remedy that has been regarded as the most effective natural remedy for irregular periods. At different points of time, studies and research that were conducted have shown that yoga lowered hormone levels that are known to cause irregularities in the periods. Yoga is also known to provide immense relief to the women during menstruation, while relieving them of menstrual pain and emotional issues that are associated with menstruation like, anxiety, depression, stress and practising yoga in general helps improve the quality of life and leads to healthy well being.

  • Exercise On A Regular Basis: Exercising on a daily basis is extremely important as it helps maintain a healthy weight. Remember weight issues might also lead to irregular periods. Like, studies have always linked obesity with irregularities in periods. Women who are overweight or are underweight experience irregular period cycles, heavier or lighter bleeding, pain and cramps etc. in comparison to women who have a healthy weight. Exercising helps in controlling and maintaining a proper weight which is essential in regulating your menstrual cycle and it can also relieve women from the associated pain that is common among women before or during periods.

  • Get Going With Ginger Tea With Lime And Honey Ginger has always been considered as a home remedy for regularising periods. Start your day with a hot cup of ginger tea with a dash of lemon and honey and enjoy it on an empty stomach for the maximum of benefits. Ginger is a rich source of numerous beneficial anti-oxidants along with gingerol that is known to lower inflammation in the body. Most importantly, ginger can work wonders for the body by aiding digestion and removing the necessary toxins which helps restore hormonal imbalance which leads to the regularising of your monthly periods.

  • Make Sure You Get Your Daily Doze Of Vitamins Studies have shown that irregular periods was linked to the low levels of Vitamin D. Taking proper Vitamin D rich fruits, vegetables or supplements has also been prescribed to women with PCOS to treat menstrual irregularities to put it precisely. B vitamins have always been prescribed to women who are interested to conceive. It has been believed that B vitamins regulate the menstrual cycle. So, make sure that you get your daily doze of vitamin intake as vitamins are not only needed for the overall well being of women, but it can ease PMS and is known to regulate menstrual cycle as well.

  • Learn To Reduce Stress And Anxiety Stress and anxiety can take a toll not only on your general health, but also menstrual health as well by causing irregularities in the periods. There are different techniques that are there which helps you manage stress and anxiety. Learn what works best for you among options like, everyday meditation, watching quality movies, listening to good songs, reading a lot, nurturing a hobby, going for trips, following a passion etc. It is extremely important that stress and anxiety are kept under control for it can be absolutely magical in regularising the menstrual cycle.
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