Personal Hygiene for Women: At Home and At The Workplace

February 3, 2022

Personal Hygiene for Women: At Home and At The Workplace

Practising good hygiene is an indispensable part of good living. Personal hygiene is more than just certain habits, it is more of a way of living if we may put it precisely. It is about following cleanliness, following good habits daily and also practising a good disciplined life for the matter. Not only does personal hygiene help keep one protected against day-to-day diseases, but comes with a plethora of social benefits as well.

As a way of life, it needs to be adopted both at home and at the workplace as well. In case of the workplace, one is required to work in a group, therefore, dressing shabbily or following unhygienic practices can dissuade your colleagues from working with you. So, it is extremely important that you follow the basics of personal hygiene while you put your best foot forward both at home and at the workplace. There are certain personal hygiene tips that women need to know to maintain the best of health and wellness. Interested to know more? Well, here are some of the personal hygiene tips that every woman needs to follow at home and also in the workplace:

  • Bathe Everyday: It is the basic of personal hygiene for not only for women, but every individual. Bathing daily helps us to protect ourselves from the harmful bacteria that is there on our skin and sweat. It helps keep body odour at bay as well. For a fresh, clean and rejuvenated feel, don’t forget to take a bath every day. Wash your hairs with a mild shampoo and conditioner every 2-3 days.

  • Wear Cotton Underwear: Remember to wear pure cotton clean underwear only. Cotton is a breathable fabric and it ensures proper air circulation in the intimate area. This prevents the private parts from sweating which is the main cause of vaginal infections, irritations and itchiness. For those sensuous panties in lacy and satin, you can wear it for special occasions only.

  • Special Care During Menstruation: Remember to change sanitary pads or tampons after every 3-4 hours. If you are using the menstrual cup, then make sure that you wash it with a menstrual cup wash solution. Keep your vagina clean during this time of the month with the help of a mild intimate wash solution.

  • Use A Proper Intimate Wash: Choose an intimate wash that has been crafted with the best of natural ingredients and has been made keeping in mind the gentle demands of the sensitive vagina. Use this to wash your intimate part at least twice a day to maintain the best of intimate health.

  • Clean The Genital Area After Intimacy: Wash your intimate parts after exciting moments of intimacy no matter where you share them with your partner.
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