Say Goodbye To Sanitary Pads; Hello Menstrual Cup!

March 17, 2021

Say Goodbye To Sanitary Pads; Hello Menstrual Cup!
Since time immemorial, the topic of menstruation has been regarded extremely shameful to be discussed in the open forum. Women have been subjected to untold sufferings when they were made to believe that menstruating women were ‘’impure’’. They were made to use rags and cloths during ‘’that time of the month’’. But, with the advancement in time and with a change taking place in the mentality of the individuals, sanitary pads were introduced to help women during the times of menstruation. This gave women the freedom that was much needed during their periods and in the endeavour, it made their life a lot easier to put it precisely. With this introduction, women could attend gatherings, go to work, make it to romantic dates etc. Sanitary pads have been indeed a revolutionary product in the life of the women and with time, the sanitary napkin did grow slimmer and had grown wings to help the women experience better periods every month. It had given them the desirable feeling of comfort while helping them maintain proper hygiene and they could finally say goodbye to the use of cloths and rags during menstruation.

Goodbye Sanitary Pads

Well, the story doesn’t end here. Sanitary Pads did not mark the ‘’happily ever after’’ for the women against expectations. But, with time, women did raise complains that using the sanitary pad was at times extremely uncomfortable as it did lead to rashes, itching, redness along with irritations in the intimate area. In addition, wearing sanitary pads during certain physical activities like, swimming or in the times of wearing a perfect bikini or throng during periods is extremely difficult. Wearing the sanitary pad did lead to leaks at times which invariably did lead to the staining of the clothes. Not only this, if we go by the records, it might be mentioned that when sanitary pads are dumped, these take around 500-800 years to degrade. As far as burning the sanitary pads is concerned, these napkins have a requirement of temperatures around 800 degree to ensure proper burning. This not only takes up a lot of energy, but also the sanitary pads release an immensely high number of toxic gases on being burnt. Therefore, it might be said in conclusion that sanitary pads come with certain environmental as well as physical hazards to put it precisely.

Hello Menstrual Cups

Although the majority of the women still find it comfortable to use sanitary pads, but there is a new player doing the rounds in the present, which might entirely change the way women deal with menstruation. Providing for a superior feel and comfort, along with a host of other advantages, it is time women say hello to the menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are of two kinds, firstly, you can find the soft, flexible menstrual cup that looks a lot like the diaphragm and is a disposable one and the second one is made of silicone or latex and is a bell shaped one. Both the types of menstrual cups do not absorb the blood and can be reused after thorough cleaning of the same. Here we get you enlisted some points which all the more shall state why you need to say hello to menstrual cups at the earliest:
    • Lesser Number Of Changes: On an average the menstrual cup can collect about 30ml of blood. Generally, women bleed about 40-60ml of blood. So, it requires lesser changes and wearing it for long hours doesn’t cause any harm for the matter. This comes as a great advantage in respect of menstrual cups unlike the use of sanitary pads that needs to be changed every 3-4 hours.
    • No Chemicals: There are a large number of women who prefer to use the menstrual cup as these are absolutely free of any chemical bleaches or fibres that might lead to allergic reactions for the matter. Trouble-free Period Sex: One associated advantage in using the menstrual cup is that this soft and reusable menstrual cup can be easily worn even during intercourse which makes the experience less messy for both the partners. So, using the menstrual cup can help you get intimate with your partner even during that time of the month and enjoy having sex during your periods.
    • Drive Towards Healthier Periods:
    • As you know, abnormal pap smears and also a number of infections have been linked to the prolonged use of sanitary pads. Choose a eco-friendly option for your periods with the menstrual cup that provides for a rash free, leak free, irritation free period experience and in addition, provides for utmost comfort during the days of menstruation. Using the menstrual cup makes for a pleasant experience, as women in general find it to be free from any kind of rashes, itching sensations and any other kind of discomfort that are commonly associated with the usage of sanitary napkins or tampons during the days of menstruation.
    • Helps Stay Active: Women can stay active and comfortable during the periods as they run, dance, swim, exercise or attend that exciting date or sleep with the help of the menstrual cup. The menstrual cup needs to be inserted it in the vagina and that’s about it.
    • No Stain Periods: Women can completely relax while using the menstrual cup, for it leads to no leaks and this ensures that you enjoy a stain free periods unlike using sanitary pads that might lead to staining your clothes at times of heavy flow.
    • Economical Option: Using the menstrual cup makes for an economical option as this menstrual cup lasts for years, while saving you the money from buying sanitary pads on a monthly basis.
    Switch to menstrual cups for periods couldn’t get happier!
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