Understanding White Discharge: What Is It and What Causes It?

May 22, 2023

Understanding White Discharge: What Is It and What Causes It?

All bodily systems are made by natural law, which has consequences for actions. It also has measures to prevent the body from foreign attacks from infections and diseases. While most illnesses are fought off inside our bodies with the help of white blood cells, some pathogenic invasions are stopped by our bodies before entering the system. For example, saliva is one fluid that can prevent a number of pathogens from entering your system through your mouth. Similarly, the mucous formed in the nose and throat is another fluid system that keeps pollutants and irritants from entering the lungs.

Other bodily fluids act as excretion systems for toxins and germs, such as sweat and urine. In the same way, for a woman’s body, there is a fluid system that protects the vaginal cavity from pathogens. This fluid that generally washes the vagina is commonly known among women as the infamous ‘white discharge.’ Let’s learn what it is and when it can be counted as abnormal.

What is the white discharge?

The vaginal opening comprises mucous cell membranes that can produce moisture. Most of the time, this moisture produced by the vaginal walls lubricates the door for smooth intercourse. So, when you see a fluid discharge right after you’ve gotten turned on by someone’s charm, it is just your vagina getting ready on the pretext of your brain wanting some good times. This kind of discharge is primarily transparent and without any odor.

Another form of discharge is the one your vaginal walls excrete to wash off and moisturize the flesh. The mucus released by the vagina for self-cleaning can restore the natural pH level of the vulva and the vagina. This kills the harmful bacteria, replenishing the intimate biome with good bacteria. This discharge could be off-white sometimes with a natural smell of the vagina itself. This discharge has no side effects until you have hydrated regularly and rinsed often throughout the day.

Both discharge forms have no abnormality in healthy women; they are beneficial and help keep your reproductive system safe. If you’re young and having symptoms of PMS, you’re getting a discharge from the uterus, which is ready to delete the ovulated egg and the amniotic fluid. Even this is normal if you only get it around a healthy menstrual cycle. The abnormal discharge is when the color is unexpected, your period is not around for weeks, and you’re not even pregnant.

What type of vaginal discharge is abnormal?

The frequent unexpected discharge might be something to worry about, but you shouldn’t use medication externally on your vulva. If you’re getting a regular white discharge, it is better to diagnose UTIs first.
If your vaginal discharge occurs more than twice a day and has an unnatural or foul smell, it could be because of a yeast infection. They cause the vagina to dry up, because of which the vaginal walls secrete more fluid, trying to flush out the fungal presence. You should check with the doctor if you’ve been expecting it recently.

If you’re getting a vaginal discharge and any irritation or itching of the vulva or the urethra, it could be due to bacterial infections and UTIs. The discharge might also cause a foamy and foul smell like fish. In this case, you need to immediately talk to a doctor or start taking a herbal UTI treatment. Bacterial infections can be dangerous to the uterus and urethra as well. Hence, you must never ignore this kind of white and foamy discharge.

Specific symptoms are caused by an abnormal discharge that you need to be wary of-

  • Irritation or itchiness in the vulva, vaginal opening, or the labia
  • Inflamed or swollen skin around the labia or vulva
  • Foamy and greenish-yellow discharge if you’re sexually active, indicating sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Bad odor
  • Blood spots in the discharge
  • Pain during intercourse and urination
  • Pain in the abdomen and around the pelvis

There are other causes of unexpected vaginal discharge, which may not include infections-

What should I do for white discharge?

White discharge, if not frequent or happening because of natural moisturization of the vagina or ovulated egg, need not be worried about. However, for a regular smelly discharge, you can use Ayurveda remedies that freshen up your intimate biome.

Shwet Kanika White Discharge Tablets have combinations free of side effects and chemical compounds. Ingredients like Ashoka, Daruharidra, and Guduchi help reduce excessive white discharge and remove smell and itchiness from the vulva. In addition, Lodhra and Jeerika in the tablets help remove infection-causing bacteria, which lead to excessive discharge.

The vaginal opening releases smelly, thick white discharge only when it doesn’t get enough water to keep the vaginal walls moist. Therefore, drinking lots of water along with the Shweta Kanika Tablets and hydrating with juices or whole fruits will keep your vaginal flora fresh.


Do I have to worry about daily colorless and odorless discharge?

A: No, you don’t need to worry about colorless discharge once a day. Discharge with odor and foam are to be examined for abnormalities

What to do for frequent and smelly discharge?

A: Take consultation from a gynecologist for UTIs and infections. Drink a lot of water if there is no infection, and hydrate your uterus and bladder.

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