Haldi Chandan Intimate Hygiene Wash

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Haldi Chandan Intimate Hygiene Wash

Haldi Chandan Intimate Hygiene Wash


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Key Features :

  • Helps cleanse and brighten dark and patchy intimate parts
  • Removes itchiness and reduces unwanted odour
  • Made with the goodness of Haldi and Chandan
  • Helps maintain proper hygiene in the intimate areas
  • Contains no parabens or SLES
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Intimate hygiene is essential and more so for the women. Women are most susceptible to having an infection in their privates than men. Intimate hygiene thus becomes an essential part of everyday  routine for women. However, washing off your intimate areas with just soap is not enough to take care of a woman’s intimate hygiene.

The female genital is made of highly sensitive skin and is exposed to most infection from external  factors and even from their own body. Hence, washing with soap does harm along with cleaning the intimate area. Most soaps have harsh detergents and chemicals that disbalance the pH of your  intimate area. This either causes excessive dryness or more sweating, both of which are breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

Namyaa created this excellent formula which is harsh on the infection causing bacteria and mild on your intimate skin. Namyaa Haldi Chandan Intimate Hygiene Wash is made with the goodness of turmeric and sandalwood oil. It not only helps cleanse the intimate areas but also gives a radiating glow to the intimate area. It removes any unwanted odour and cleanses the intimate area of any  irritation or itch causing bacteria. The reason why it is good for your intimate area is that it balances the pH value of your intimate area and helps growth of good flora which fights off infections. Namyaa Haldi Chandan Hygiene Wash keeps your intimate hygiene intact without the added side- effects of chemical-based soaps.

Turmeric Powder- Known as the only natural anti-biotic, it removes infection causing bacteria, clears out spots and darkness of the skin.

Green Tea Leaf Extract- Exfoliates the intimate skin gently and fights premature ageing while also hydrating the skin from within.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice- Filled with anti-oxidants it calms inflamed skin and hydrates the skin.

Allantoin- Conditions the skin to act against irritation and redness while also smoothening the skin.

Lactic Acid- Increases the production of skin cells in the intimate to help it fight premature ageing and wrinkling.

  • Take a few drops of the Namyaa Haldi Chandan Intimate Hygiene Wash on your palms.
  • Rinse your intimate area and then apply the Intimate Wash gently and lather it for a few minutes.
  • Rinse off the lather thoroughly with water and pat dry. 

* Results may vary from person to person

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    Haldi Chandan Intimate Hygiene Wash

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    36 Months

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    50ml = 4*4*14 , 100ml = 4*4*17

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    R G Biocosmetic Pvt Ltd, C-65 Okhla Phase 1 New Delhi 110020

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    R G Biocosmetic Pvt Ltd, C-65 Okhla Phase 1 New Delhi 110020

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    Akshika Mehra - akshika@qraaherbal.com

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Q1. Does the Intimate Hygiene Wash contain any chemicals?

Ans:  Namyaa Haldi Chandan Intimate Wash is made to cleanse the sensitive intimate areas and doesn’t contain any harsh soaps that could affect the intimate area. It contains natural ingredients like turmeric powder, sandalwood oil, aloe vera juice and green tea extract, all of which gently cleanse and disinfect the intimate area.

Q2.Can I Use this wash if I’m on my period?

Ans:  There is much more need of hygiene during the menstruation period and Namyaa Haldi Chandan

Intimate Wash can be used to keep your intimate area clean from all the period blood and ensure a

safer period. The intimate wash keeps all sorts of infection causing bacteria and shall be used after

urination and changing pads during periods.

Q3. Does this intimate wash contain fragrances?

Ans:  No, Namyaa Haldi Chandan Intimate Wash only contains the natural smells of Haldi and Chandan,

other than that there are no artificial or chemical based fragrances involved in the production of this

intimate wash.

Customer Reviews

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Best product


So I have been using this product for 1 month nd now I can definitely say that this the Best , the light fragrance nd the wash definitely helps in lightening the intimate area

Rajesh Dhiman
Good product and good results

Good product and good result in 10th day after use.

Prakash Chandra sahoo
Love the smell

I really love the product

Ashruta Upadhyay
Nice product

I have just started using it and it felt good. Removes all the body odour and gives a pleasant smell