Bikini Baby Combo

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Bikini Baby Combo

Bikini Baby Combo

Regular price Rs. 310.00
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Key Features

  • Get summer ready with your bikini line
  • Make your bikini mess free with the gentle hair remover
  • Cleanse and brighten your intimate areas with Tea Tree infused Intimate Wash
  • Remove hair from the bikini line without pain or damage marks
  • Quick and easy to remove unwanted hair
  • Remove irritation causing bacteria and maintain natural pH Balance
  • Reduce unwanted odour and keep UTIs away
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There are a million beaches in the world and you can go to any of them, just make sure you’re on the most happening ones. Another thing- be ready with your summer outfits and your sexiest bikinis. Do you feel that bikinis are for special people too? Your bikini look is special too baby.

 If you’ve been waiting to go out for the summer but planning to wear shorts instead of a bikini, and that too because you’re scared of waxing and a darkened bikini line, wait no more. You can now have the bright and bare bikini line with the Namyaa Bikini Baby Combo. So, no need to avoid the sun anymore, just get the Bikini Baby Combo into your routine and you’re good to take over the beach with your fabulous skin.

The first in the routine has to be a weekly use of the Hair Removal Cream. You can also use it whenever you see your body hair coming back. There is no reason to be afraid of using it regularly- the Hair Removal Cream is made of mild ingredients which have a no darkening effect on the skin and cause no rashes. It is still safe to do a patch test by applying and keeping the cream behind your ears for five minutes. If you don’t see any rashes or feel even a little itchy, it is well suited to your skin. With the goodness of chamomile extract, the Hair Removal Cream clears hair from the bikini

line within five minutes.

Next up on the routine is a daily use of the Intimate Wash infused with Tea Tree Oil. This gentle cleanser is made to clean and disinfect the intimate area. The Tea Tree Oil along with the Aloe Vera and Cucumber Juice fight with skin ageing which is the main cause of skin darkening. It keeps the intimate area fresh and reduces the effects of oxygenation with its ingredients rich in anti-oxidants. Apply the Intimate Wash twice a day watch the change happen along your bikini line.

Hair Removal Cream

Chamomile: Accelerates the skin cell and tissue renewal and keeps skin glowing.

Avocado Oil: Rich in vitamin E and lecithin, it keeps the skin hydrated after removing hair by absorbing into the skin.

Allantoin: Enhances smoothness of the skin and reduces goose flesh.

Niacinamide: Improves skin texture and gives it a glowing look while also reducing the appearance of porous skin.

Intimate Wash

Tea Tree Oil: It has high detoxifying agents and has been used in Ayurveda to disinfect wounds, prevent skin infections, and keep the skin hydrated.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Its vitamins and antioxidants slow down ageing of the skin and remove marks and spots, thereby increasing the glow of intimate areas.

Cucumber Fruit Extract: It soothes the skin internally and helps in deep hydration to prevent ageing. It also cools down the skin and prevents odor that comes from sweat.

Allantoin: Also known as aluminium dihydroxy allantoinate, it is a natural emollient which prevents flaky and itchy skin and keeps skin smooth and supple.

Lactic Acid: It removes dead skin cells that are accumulated on the skin and clears out any fine lines and wrinkles by increasing cell growth.

Using the Hair Removal Cream

  • 1. Take a slight amount for the patch test. Apply it to the back of the ear and let it rest for five minutes. If no rashes or irritation occur, you can safely use it on your intimate areas.
  • 2. Rinse the hairy area with water and dry it up.
  • 3. Apply the Hair Removal Cream in the direction of hair with the back of the spatula and let it sit for 5-7 minutes.
  • 4. Using the spatula, remove the cream in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • 5. Rinse the skin with water thoroughly and wait for a few minutes before applying any cleanser.
  • 6. Use the Hair Removal Cream whenever the hair comes back or becomes too visible.

Using the Intimate Wash

  • 1. You can apply the Intimate Wash after a few minutes of using the Hair Removal Cream. Use the Intimate Wash every day in general to maintain personal hygiene.
  • 2. Rinse your intimate area with water. Apply a few pumps from the bottle to the wet skin and scrub it gently.
  • 3. Scrub the intimate area for 2-3 minutes and then let it rest for another 2 minutes.
  • 4. Rinse off properly with water and pat dry with a cotton cloth.
  • 5. Use the Intimate Wash at least twice a day to lighten and freshen up the look of your vulva.

    * Results may vary from person to person

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    Q1. Can I apply the Hair Removal Cream on any skin?

    Ans: As long as it is external, yes. You can use the Hair Removal Cream on all kinds of intimate skin and on your hands and legs. It contains mild ingredients which don’t generally cause any rashes or burns.

    Q2. Is it necessary to do a patch test with the Hair Removal Cream?

    Ans: If you have a sensitive skin and have had accidental burns from products in the past, it is better to do a patch test on the skin behind the ears and make sure you don’t have any rashes or irritation.

    Q.3 Should I use the Intimate Wash only with the Hair Removal Cream?

    Ans:  No, you should actually use the Intimate Wash everyday to keep your intimate skin healthy, fresh and irritation free.

    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing Results

    This Combo has exceeded my expectations. The trimmer is easy to use and gentle on sensitive areas, and the ingrown hair serum has kept my skin looking flawless. It's a great investment for personal care.

    Highly Recommend

    I'm thrilled with the Bikini Baby Combo! The trimmer is precise and comfortable, and the ingrown hair serum is a fantastic addition. This combo has made grooming so much easier and more enjoyable.

    Best Personal Care Combo

    The Bikini Baby Combo has made my bikini grooming routine a lot smoother. The trimmer is efficient, and the ingrown hair serum has improved the overall health of my skin. It's a valuable addition to my personal care regimen.

    Excellent Product

    The Bikini Baby Combo is a must-have for anyone who values smooth, irritation-free grooming. The trimmer is fantastic, and the ingrown hair serum is a bonus that has improved the quality of my skin. Love it!

    Good Product

    The trimmer is precise and pain-free, and the ingrown hair serum has kept my skin clear and smooth. It's a solid choice for personal grooming.