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ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets

ShwetKanika White Discharge Tablets

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100% Natural

Exclusive Ayurvedic Medicine

Relief from Pain During Intercourse

Heals Bacterial Vaginosis

Treats Hormonal Imbalance

Prevents Vaginal Atrophy

The basics

  • Say goodbye to offensive vaginal white discharge in a few days as this contains the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs.
  • Treat pain during urination, dark urine or occurrence of blood in it.
  • Get relief from itching and burning in the vagina which might have been caused by the prolonged use of soaps that are highly acidic and aggressive.
  • Treat vaginal health issues caused by the thickening of the secretion, and change in its color and smell. 
  • Reverse anomalies in the vaginal white discharge caused by diabetes, antibiotics, steroids, contraception. 
  • Serious diseases that cause vaginal white discharge like ovarian cyst, cancer, bacterial infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea due to unprotected sexual contact. 

  • Daruharidra

    Daruharidra is helpful for heavy menses and white discharge issues in ladies.
  • Guduchi

    Guduchi supports the female body during heavy menstrual discharge & white discharge.
  • Lodhra

    Lodhra has anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce vaginal infection and manage white discharge.
  • Jeereka

    Jeereka soothes your skin, detoxifies your body, speeds up the metabolism, and is a long-time menstrual aid.
  • Ashoka

    Ashoka is useful for managing female disorders like dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia due to its Vata balancing property.

Take 2 tablets of ‘Namyaa ShwetKanika For White Discharge’ after breakfast and dinner every day. For best results, take this Ayurvedic medicines daily for 90 days for maximum benefits.

  • Contains the powerful goodness of rare and certified Ayurvedic herbs and extracts.
  • Relieves fever, fatigue caused by infections.
  • Treats stomach pain, Trichomoniasis, and Candida.
  • Counters pathologies that have happened in the cervix.
  • Treats the root cause of smelly white discharge.

Vajrasana is known to cure acidity and digestion problems while curing urinary issues and irregular periods.


Dhanurasana gives the back a good stretch and relieves menstrual irregularities and discomforts.

Adhomukhi Svanasana

It tones the muscles in your lower abdominal region and improves blood circulation.


Malasana is a great asana for boosting metabolism, activating the digestive system, and benefiting your reproductive system.

Frequently asked questions

Ans. According to the norms of Ayurveda, vaginal white discharge is more of an internal disorder that needs to get treated. Understanding the different problems and concerns that are commonly associated with vaginal white discharge, Namyaa is here to get you the safest remedy with this exclusive ‘Namyaa ShwetKanika -For White Discharge’ that is here to work as a long-lasting solution while eliminating the associated unwanted smell, itching and burning sensations. This helps treat internal inflammation and infection while restoring the pH balance of the vagina while restoring the balance of the doshas. Using this Ayurvedic tablet is also known to help boost immunity and energy.

Ans. Many women consider vaginal white discharge to be a normal phenomenon. But, vaginal white discharge only on the fourteenth or fifteenth day between periods is normal, on other days it is abnormal and can be caused for a number of reasons.As per the readings and beliefs of Ayurveda, the anomalies in white vaginal discharge happens mainly due to the imbalance of the doshas, which are Pitta that is held responsible for the transformations; Kapha, which is responsible for the state of the fluids in the body and the Vata that manages the movements. It is the Pitta imbalance (bio energy) that is known as the root cause of abnormal and smelly vaginal discharge along with the associated itching, inflammation and also burning sensation.

Ans. Namyaa ShwetKanika -For White Discharge’ from the house of Namyaa has been carefully formulated in an Ayurvedic way to treat the root cause of smelly white discharge as part of the Ayurvedic principles of Stree Roga Chikitsa. This Ayurvedic Tablet offers to treat this disorder from the root cause itself, so for this, it is extremely important that this Tablet is consumed as prescribed under directions for use on the label and at least for 90 days you need to take it to do away with vaginal white discharge in an Ayurvedic manner.

Ans. Yes, Namyaa ShwetKanika -For White Discharge’ can be consumed during the days of periods. It has nothing to do with the flow of periods. This Ayurvedic Tablet has been especially formulated to treat the root cause of vaginal white discharge by treating the imbalance of the doshas. For this, it needs to be consumed regularly for 90 days and longer, but never stop having it during the periods as this will hamper the progress of the treatment. You can safely consume it during periods. In addition, this tablet also promotes natural ovulation which facilitates timely periods every month.

Ans. Well, ‘Namyaa ShwetKanika -For White Discharge’ doesn’t treat any period disorders, but it promotes natural ovulation which facilitates timely periods every month. It is here to treat the root cause of smelly white discharge as part of the Ayurvedic principles of Stree Roga Chikitsa. For the treatment of period disorders, Namyaa Anartava - For Delayed and Irregular Periods’ makes for the safest choice that helps treat delayed and irregular periods right from the root cause itself.

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