7 Reasons Why Using Hair Removal Cream is Better Than Waxing

December 29, 2022

7 Reasons Why Using Hair Removal Cream is Better Than Waxing

Have you ever had your hair pulled? The blister that it creates makes it difficult to wear clothes or rub the body while taking a bath. What is troublesome is that most of the time hair is pulled due to clothing. For women, it is a terrible pain since our skin is pretty tender and the best solution to that is a hair removal routine, be it with waxing or cream. While hair removal helps, it is a bit tricky to choose between waxing and creams for women. Waxing is popular amongst people but is also a painful procedure for those who have delicate skin as a blessing in disguise.

Waxing might seem like a better idea for a date night or for that trip to Goa but you can’t really forget your constantly growing hair right after. Hair will always regrow and you will have a tough time with those blisters when hair grows into your clothing fabric. So, there has to be a regular solution that can be used both at home and at hotels or guest rooms as you travel. While waxing can be done by a parlour professional, it will still have painful effects for some. Hair removal creams on the other hand remove hair without pain or inflammation. There is certainly some misleading information about the use of hair removal cream in order to promote expensive waxing and laser hair removal techniques. Of course there are some harmful chemicals in a few products in the market but the best hair removal creams come with natural extracts that cause no side effects to the skin. Here are the immediate benefits of using hair removal creams-

  • Easy to Use
  • Hair removing cream is certainly an easier option than waxing when it comes to ease of use. First of all, you can’t wax yourself without struggle, especially when you have to put wax and strip on a tricky area like the back of your thighs or upper back. Secondly, you cannot rip off the wax strip by yourself without excruciating pain, especially in intimate areas. With a hair removal cream however, you can apply it easily on tricky areas. You just have to let it stay for a couple of minutes and scrape it off gently with a spatula or wipe it off with a towel.

  • Painless
  • Just looking at a person get their hair waxed on the parlour chair gives you a feeling of pain. Waxing has always been a painful process as the wax doesn’t actually relieve the roots of hair from the pores unlike creams. The best way to painlessly continue hair removal is through creams for women. With a hair removing cream, you just have to apply it, leave it for a few minutes while it gently uproots your hair, and then wash it off with water after wiping it with a spatula or a piece of clothing.

  • DIY
  • Yes, you can Do It Yourself when it comes to hair removal creams. Waxing is a process which requires a trained professional, if you don’t want to have a reddish rashy skin. With hair removal creams you can easily do your own grooming. You can quickly apply the cream on your legs and arms, even when you’re in a hotel room or a friend’s house. It makes hair removal cream a lot more accessible than waxing for women who love to travel.

  • Works on all hair lengths
  • Wax is the main component used in waxing. The wax holds on to the long strands of hair and pulls them out once dried. So, when the length of hair is very short, waxing won’t work properly. Whereas hair removal creams are designed to relax the hair pores and uproot the hair without having to pull it out. While waxing requires you to have hair on your arms and legs before you can actually go to the parlour, hair removal saves you from the awkward situation every week.

  • Easy to carry
  • Waxing paraphernalia takes up a lot of space and can’t actually be carried to all places. Because of the need to heat up the wax, you can’t be carrying a stove with your waxing kit, can you? So, when you’re on the clock and know that you’ll be needing hair removal after you reach the destination, it is cream that can be carried to all places easily.

  • No Mess
  • There is a mess associated with the use of wax on your skin. Especially when you’re doing it by yourself, it is difficult to get done without having some hot wax fall on you. While waxing adds to the hassle of removing hair, creams do not require any boiling and timed application for equal distribution. You can easily apply it to your skin with the spatula or even with your hand and be done with the process within 8 minutes.

  • Provides smoother skin
  • The hair removal creams that you buy over the counter have a bad reputation for darkening and chaffing the skin with multiple uses. But hair removal cream from a brand like Namyaa has a mild formulation, which removes hair from the pores while moisturising and smoothening the skin. Namyaa Hair Removal Cream has a beneficial effect for women’s skin with its soothing chamomile extracts. It can be fearlessly used on inner thighs, intimate skin and underarms.

    There are a lot of hair removal techniques in the market but you’re certainly not ready to try those irritable procedures. While a lot of these processes may be promoted heavily, they burn a hole in your pocket and yet provide temporary results. Laser surgery, for example, has adverse effects for some in the form of rashes and altered skin. The best solution for regular hair removal is, thus, hair removing creams. Try Namyaa’s Hair Removal Cream which is perfect for women and their intimate skin.

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