Namyaa Hair Removal Cream with Free After Wax Serum

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Namyaa Hair Removal Cream with Free After Wax Serum

Namyaa Hair Removal Cream with Free After Wax Serum

Bikini Hair

Regular price Rs. 149.00
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Key Highlights

  • Free from razor cuts, burns or harsh smells
  • Removes unwanted hair in just five minutes
  • Can be used to remove hair from intimate areas like underarms
  • Specially designed for gentle hair removal from intimate areas
  • Enriched with skin soothing qualities of Avocado Oil
  • Safe and painless alternative to waxing
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Hair removal is a pain in itself and when it comes to removing hair from the bikini line or around the intimate areas it is even more troublesome. But bikini line hair removal is completely necessary if you’re to flaunt your summer body with confidence. However, it doesn’t have to be as painful as a laser hair removal treatment or a waxing session which will make you scream in pain at the spa.

Keeping the sensitive skin on intimate areas and the need to keep them clear of hair, Namyaa has come with the perfect solution for Hair Removal around the bikini line and anywhere else on the body. Unlike other hair removal methods for the intimate skin, like shaving or trimming, Namyaa Hair Removal Cream is a gentler approach towards hair removal from the intimate area. It removes hair from the follicles without having to scrape the skin with a blade or pulling out the hair with wax. Which means, easy hair removal in five minutes without leaving behind any scars or irritated skin. There is no harsh smell in the Hair Removal Cream and it contains no heavy metals or chemicals that can irritate the skin. So, clear up the bush along the bikini line without any ouch!

Avocado Oil- Rich in vitamin E and lecithin, it keeps the skin hydrated after removing hair by

absorbing into the skin.

Allantoin- Enhances smoothness of the skin and reduces goose flesh.

Niacinamide- Improves skin texture and gives it a glowing look while also reducing the appearance of porous skin.

  • Do a patch test on the skin behind your ears to ensure your skin is not allergic to any ingredients.
  • Apply a small amount of cream behind your ear and let it stay for 5 minutes. If there are no rashes or redness after you’ve washed it, you can safely use the Hair Removal Cream.
  • Apply the cream evenly in the direction of hair growth and let it sit for at least 5 minutes.

  • Removing the cream with the edge of the spatula going against the direction of the hair growth.

  • Rinse the skin thoroughly with water and pat dry with a towel.

* Results may vary from person to person


Q1. Can I apply the hair removal cream around my face?

Ans : Namyaa Hair Removal Cream is actually a mild formulation which doesn’t usually harm the skin. You should still do a patch test as mentioned above, if there is no effect, you can easily apply the cream to remove facial hair.

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