Ayurvedic Syrup for Kids to Strengthen Their Body Naturally at Home

January 12, 2023

Ayurvedic Syrup for Kids to Strengthen Their Body Naturally at Home

All mothers know what a bliss it is to have a child. The only responsibility for a mother after giving birth is the protection and nutrition of the child. While most mothers are well versed with the protection part, it is not always possible to keep a precise tab at the nutrition of kids. The world has changed drastically in the past decade and the children are now prone to more illnesses than they were. Excluding the endemic virus that took the world by surprise, there are still pathogens in the air and water that can make children sick easily. Some of them are dangerous enough to require a hospital bed, making immunity an important factor in every mother and child’s daily life. Children today are more interested in sitting on sofas and playing video games than playing outdoors. This increases the chances of lowered immunity and boosting it will take more than just a pill or syrup but they do help. So, when a child is showing signs of suppressed growth and falls ill often, it is necessary to take steps.

What causes slower growth and less immunity in children?

Children have bodies that are constantly prone to health issues since the immunity is always developing to new stages. Which is why kids are kept in proper sanitised areas in the hospital, away from all other patient wards. Kids, especially born prematurely, have a higher chance of contracting diseases once they reach the age of three. The reasons for that can be multifold, here are the most common ones-

  • Genetics

The genetic code of the family tree has a huge role in defining the bodily functions of the child. One suppressed genetic code showing up after generations can also be the reason why a child has a number of growth disorders. If the family has a history of low heights and skinny appendages, it is possible that the child will have slow growth. This can, however, be remedied with ayurvedic herbs concocted in the form of syrup for kids.

  • Malnutrition
  • Malnutrition is the leading cause for slow growth and low immunity in Indian children. The parents may feed them all the veggies and nuts to improve it but the body is sometimes unable to synthesise the nutrients in the food and distribute it around the body. This leads to slow healing wounds and more time to ward off common illnesses like flu and cold. For some kids, malnutrition settles in because of unhealthy eating habits. Let’s be true to ourselves, we all like to spoil our kids and let them have what they like. So, when the kids are having too many momos, noodles or fried chicken, it is imminent that the immunity will be affected. Hence, if the family is eating out a lot, go for the healthier options and go for an immunity boosting syrup.

  • Weak lungs
  • Lung distress is a condition that affects almost 7% of newborns. This condition weakens the lungs in kids, disrupting the oxygen flow to the rest of the body. Weak lungs are a result of the mother passing on pollutants to the foetus through the umbilical cord. If the mother has been living in an area with a lot of pollution, particulate matter enters the bloodstream and reaches the baby’s body. This causes the child to be born with breathing conditions like bronchitis and asthma, which causes slow growth. There are ayurvedic herbs like ginger, tulsi, and giloy which can strengthen the lungs and improve immunity and if taken in syrup form for kids.

  • Hormone deficiency
  • Growth in children is also restricted due to growth hormone deficiency. The hormone which is secreted by the pituitary gland is responsible for muscle growth. While the thyroid hormone is responsible for normal bone growth. Less secretion of any of these hormones will result in slow bodily growth and lower strength.

    What is the solution to restricted growth and low immunity?

    When a child is having slow growth, it is a good idea to consult a paediatrician for a regulated diet plan. It will not only provide for the lost nutrition in the child's body but will also make sure that bodily functions are working fine. Diet and regular outings are a great way to improve your child’s immunity but make sure he doesn’t play in muddy waters or near waste dumps.

    You might get a lot of suggestions from people about medical hormonal therapy for boosting hormones but such synthetic therapies have adverse effects on the mental health of your children. It is rather better to resuscitate the body’s hormonal response with the use of ayurvedic herbs synergised into syrup for kids. Herbal solutions are excellent because there are no chances of any side effects and they show positive effects slowly without making drastic changes in the body. So, along with a good diet, ayurvedic remedies tend to naturally strengthen the body.

    Strengthening the hormonal system of the body can be achieved with the use of herbal remedies like bala, kalmegh, atasi, and ashwagandha. All of which are present in Namyaa’s Babymune ayurvedic immunity boosting syrup for kids. It improves the growth of muscle and bone mass in the body while also advancing the immunity faster by regulating hormonal secretion. With regular growth induced in the body, immunity boosting is secondary for this syrup which is concocted with naturally synthesised herbs that aim directly at the blood circulation, lung health, hormonal function, and nutrient absorption in the body.

    Kids are not as intellectual as adults and tend to live a life free of tension and guilt about what they eat or where they play. However, bad habits catch up to them all the same. So, when a kid is eating too many sugars or delving too much into street foods, their immunity weakens. When they get sick more often their growth is hindered and they may have weak bones and muscles. Use Namyaa Ayurvedic Immunity Boosting Syrup today to add strength to your kid’s childhood.

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