Do White Discharge Tablets Work?

January 20, 2023

Do White Discharge Tablets Work?
Do White Discharge Tablets Work? Keywords phrases: white discharge, tablet for white discharge

All women normally experience vaginal discharge, also called as white discharge. It usually appears as a clear fluid or a white/off-white discharge on the underwear or pantylining. It’s observed that some women have white discharge only occasionally while other women may experience white discharge daily. This white discharge is nothing but fluid made of cells that continuously shed through the walls of the vagina.

According to Mayo Clinic, based on your monthly menstrual cycle, the amount, colour, and consistency of the white discharge will differ. This white discharge is definitely different from menstrual blood. But beware of abnormal vaginal discharge - for instance, discharge fluid with an unusual or fishy odour or appearance that occurs along with pain or itching - it’s a mega signal that something’s wrong! Don’t confuse this with ‘regular’ white discharge at all.

Types of Vaginal Discharge

To differentiate from types and causes - there are several basically categorised by colour and consistency.

  • White Discharge
  • White-colour discharge is too common, especially at the start and end of your menstrual cycle. This white discharge will be thick and sticky with no odour.

  • Clear and Watery Discharge
  • When you’re closer to ovulating, the discharge often becomes clearer and wetter. This discharge is also observed when you’re sexually aroused or pregnant.

  • Clear and Stretchy Discharge
  • When the discharge is similar to the consistency of mucous and is clear but stretchy instead of watery, then it most likely indicates that you are ovulating.

  • Brown or Bloody Discharge
  • Right after your menstrual cycle ends, you may experience a small amount of brown or bloody between periods. This is called spotting. Spotting that happens during the usual period time or after recent sex without protection may be a sign of pregnancy. Also note: spotting during early pregnancy could be a sign of miscarriage.

  • Yellow or Green Discharge
  • Yellow discharge may not indicate a bad health condition because it can naturally turn yellowish when it’s exposed to air. It starts becoming a healthcare concern when there’s a darker yellow or green discharge especially thick, chunky, along with an unpleasant smell. Normally, the vagina contains bacteria in the cervix. Bacterial growth is controlled and is impacted by various factors such as pH imbalance and hormones. Any factor that affects the balance increases the risk of overgrowth and bacterial or yeast infection. Some of the major triggers include: Stress, Pregnancy, Antibiotic Use, Birth control Pills, Diabetes, Douching, Tight/Synthetic Undergarments.

    How is Vaginal Discharge Evaluated?

    White discharge, arousal fluid, cervical mucus are considered normal and hence aren’t indicative of any disease. Because of no threat to healthcare, they are typically not evaluated. But if you are experiencing symptoms such as burning, pain, or itching, then doctors may look at your cervix mucus to check for abnormalities suggesting any UTI or STDs. Doctors may perform the following tests:

    • Pelvic Exam:

      During a pelvic exam, the doctor or medical practitioner examines the vagina and cervix with an instrument called speculum along with their hands in order to check for abnormal tissues and organs.

  • PH Test:
  • The pH tests determine the acid level in the discharge because infections can impact the pH level of the vagina.

  • Wet Mount:
  • This test examines a sample of the vaginal discharge, looking for yeast, bacterial, or trichomoniasis infection.

  • STI Testing:
  • The STI tests involve a discharge sample sent to the lab for inspection for gonorrhea, chlamydia, or other organisms that may cause vaginal discharge. At times, the vaginal white discharge can also be altered because of prolonged use of soap. This usually happens in the case of using soaps that are highly acidic and aggressive on the skin. Moreover, the anomalies in the vaginal white discharge can occur if you consume any contraception pills, steroids, or antibiotics. There might be certain serious diseases that become a cause for white vaginal discharge, these are - Cancer, ovarian cyst, vaginal atrophy, chlamydia, candida, STDs like Trichomoniasis, bacterial infections, etc. Hence taking a tablet for white discharge is the first thing women search for to aid their pain. Let’s note the other possible treatments and oral supplements that actually work to treat white discharge problems.


    Infections are usually treated with antibiotics. Often oral doses of antibiotics is enough to treat the infection. Another option could be to use antibiotic vaginal creams or gels, especially when you suffer from significant side effects from consuming oral antibiotics. Also, using a vaginal cream can be soothing for the sore and inflamed vaginal lining.

    Medication Options

    According to HHS, treating the root cause of unhealthy vaginal discharge might include consuming oral and gel medications such as: To relieve itching - Corticosteroid Cream such as hydrocortisone, or an oral antihistamine To treat bacteria causing infections antibiotic medications To treat vaginitis due to menopause - vaginal cream that contains estrogen

    Turning Towards Ayurveda

    Vaginal white discharge is seen as a reaction process for the vagina’s cleaning and protective function. Women with active hormones don’t suffer from vaginal health issues. During the early years women prevented themselves from vaginal discharge issues by having all sorts of home remedies to cure white discharge at home. They ensured to have a balanced and nutritious diet consisting of cow milk, cow ghee, amla, red spinach, bananas, rice water, fenugreek, coriander, nuts, and spices. Those women who suffered from vaginal discharge infections always trusted the age-old Ayurvedic remedies at home with natural ingredients rich in beneficial nutrients for healthcare.

    Namyaa’s Shwetkanika Tablets for white discharge is an Ayurvedic formulation that contains powerful and rich goodness of rare and certified herbs with extracts of ingredients like Ashoka, Daruharida, Guduchi, Jeereka, Lodhra, etc. Ayurvedic tablets treat the root cause of vaginal discharge issues and prevent it from recurring. Ayurveda works as a more efficient solution because it has zero side effects, it works directly on the issue to eradicate it, it prevents the infection from happening again. Other than treating infections, Ayurvedic tablets for white discharge has other key features and benefits, such as

    • provides relief from vaginal itching and burning sensations
    • Eliminates unwanted and unpleasant odour
    • Promotes timely and regular ovulation
    • treats the root cause of smelly discharge
    • To answer your question, white discharge tablets do work because they target the root cause of the infection and treat it without recurrence of the infection. Ayurvedic tablets will have zero side effects and no skin irritations that may sometimes occur from gels and vaginal creams.

      To treat and prevent vaginal white discharge, you need to consume 2 tablets of ‘Namyaa’s Shwetkanika Tablets for white discharge’ after breakfast and dinner each day. Follow this Ayurvedic regime for 90 days for best results.

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