How Ayurvedic Medicine/ Syrup helps For Irregular Periods

February 5, 2021

How Ayurvedic Medicine/ Syrup helps For Irregular Periods

Wondering whether Ayurvedic medicine or syrup is helpful for irregular periods? Well, before we go into the details and reveal to you how it can really be helpful as the remedy for irregular periods, here’s some important points that need to be highlighted.

Anartava or Nashta Artava in Sanskrit refers to Amenorrhea. ‘Nashta’ is the term that means something that is lost, destroyed or is missing, while ‘Artav’ means monthly cyclical bleeding or menstruation. As per Ayurveda, Anartava ia a condition which is considered as one of the symptoms of Vata imbalance for the matter. Ancient Ayurveda has been effective in treating a number of serious health ailments and issues. It has always been considered as the best cure for the matter.

The rich legacy off Ayurvedic treatments is still in use as the best remedy for regularising irregular periods to put it precisely. Certain herbs and organic extracts, plant-based ingredients form the basis of the Ayurvedic treatments and there are a number of brands who have brought forth exclusive Ayurvedic medicines/syrups for treating period irregularities for the matter. It is important that you take your pick wisely and check with the ingredients before consuming it.

The present times remain a witness to the fact that Namyaa has brought forth this exceptional ‘Namyaa Anartava - For Delayed and Irregular Periods’ that has been carefully formulated after years of study and research. It is based on the Ayurvedic principles of the Stree Roga Chikitsa to treat Anartava (Amenorrhea). As per the notions of Ayurveda, the main cause of Anartava is the aggravation of the Kapha and Vata in the body for the matter. Not only is the syrup based on the Ayurvedic principles of healing, but it has been especially designed to treat the root cause of Anartava or delayed periods as part of the Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment of Anartava.

The greatest advantage in this case is the fact that the ‘Namyaa Anartava - For Delayed and Irregular Periods’ has been made with the best of Ayurvedic ingredients and is absolutely free from dangerous chemicals, harsh metals, pesticides, fertilizers, artificial fragrances or colours, synthetics and other additives for the matter. This makes it a syrup that can be completely trusted and it has been made with premium quality materials only. Here’s how this exclusive Ayurvedic syrup can be helpful in regularising irregular periods:

  • This syrup has been formulated to help balance the pita dosha which is regarded as the bio energy for periods.
  • Helps pacify the Vata and Kapha imbalance that provides for a long-lasting solution to regularise the monthly cycle along with the period flow every month.
  • Having the syrup helps prevent recurrence and helps boost immunity, fertility and energy to put it precisely.
  • Known to treat the whole system of the period cycle in an Ayurvedic manner and it helps to do so from the root cause itself.
  • Comes with the goodness of beneficial herbs and extracts like, Pippali, Karanja, Aloe Vera, Kultha, Krishna-Tila that are known for their innumerable benefits in the respective context.
  • Owing to the powerful goodness of the Ayurvedic syrup, not only does it help to regularise and restore the monthly period cycle to 28-31 days, but also helps remove toxins enabling blood purification, treats hormonal imbalances and initiates timely ovulation for the matter.
  • For delayed, irregular and late periods this Ayurvedic syrup can work as the safest remedy as it tries to address and treat the root cause that can be attributed for period irregularities.

Namyaa Anartava - For Delayed and Irregular Periods’ has to be taken at a prescribed doze for a prescribed time to get you effective results. The trick of the Ayurvedic medicines/syrups lies in the fact that dosage is extremely important, it fails to get you results if not taken as per the directions.

It is important to understand that Ayurvedic syrups/medicines treats the problem of period irregularities from the root cause and it seeks to restore the balance of the doshas to regula rise the monthly cycle. In addition to taking the syrup, it is extremely important to follow a healthy lifestyle with no smoking and no alcohol, have a balanced diet which includes lots of protein, green vegetables, fresh fruits, drink lots of water and along with it you need to get adequate amount of sleep. You can easily say goodbye to irregular periods with this Ayurvedic syrup along with these few tips and tricks that work wonders.

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