How Intimate Hygiene Wash Helps You To Stay Healthy And Safe

November 4, 2022

How Intimate Hygiene Wash Helps You To Stay Healthy And Safe

Cleanliness and hygiene are probably the most important things that have brought human’s grow older than 25 years of age. Most species out there are living a life that ends at 20-22 years of age, except tortoises. There are only a few microorganisms and bacteria that live for hundreds of years given the right conditions. Similarly, for humans, the right living condition is living in hygienic places and making personal hygiene a priority. Cleaning your house is the most important hygienic step. The human body which contains your life force and breathing capacity is more important than your house. It is the house that will not hold even for a week if not cleaned properly. And the cleaning shall include both internal and external cleaning procedures. The most important parts of the body that require regular cleaning are the orifices- mouth, anus and urethra. For men the urethra is designed to provide extra protection against pathogens but for women it's a shaky matter.

The vagina is placed and designed in such a way that bacterial presence or invasion can occur with ease. So when it comes to intimate hygiene women have the most issues if they don’t give a regular wash to their vulva and urethra. While washing the vagina regularly is important, the flesh that makes up the vulva and vagina is highly sensitive to foreign material. It is made up of pH sensitive skin that can get irritated or damaged with any other pH than human skin itself. Which is why sex might not cause much irritation but if you use a hand or bathing soap right after, it might give you rashes. So, when you’re a woman who likes to have the best feelings in intimate areas, you need a wash routine that is suited to all women and their needs. Here’s how an intimate wash made for women can help-

Why you should ditch the soap and body wash down there

A lot of women talk and spread word about the latest night serums for their faces or a nurturing moisturiser but the concerns about healthy intimate skin are missing. It isn’t just the skin over the vulva or inside the vagina that counts as intimate. The corners of your thighs and your armpits also count as intimate skin and are sensitive to harsh elements. While it is fairly important to regularly clean them, it is better to let them be in their own pH balancing fluids for a day rather than rubbing the areas with an off-the-counter soap every evening.

The main culprit of dry or sensitive skin in intimate areas is the harsh compounds that soaps are made of. Soap is made to alter the pH balance of your skin to remove the presence of germs on it. While the pH balance of skin is 5.5, the pH balance in your intimate areas is 3.8 to 4.4. Your regular skin dries up a bit with the soap but then sebum or sweat production regulates it. For the vagina, however, disruption of the pH causes the natural flora to die. These natural microorganisms of the vagina are there to keep it moist, odourless and infection free. When you kill the vaginal biome with a harsh soap, they cannot regenerate because of the changed pH. This in turn causes harmful bacteria to grow and cause issues like irritation, odour and dryness. Doctors suggest that washing your intimate areas with hot water is great for all genders. But when it comes to using an agent, specialised intimate hygiene wash can be a lifesaver for women.

Why use intimate hygiene wash?

Using soaps in intimate areas is harsh for the pH balance. It also makes the skin around that area dry and prone to rashes. Hence, women today use intimate wash solutions that are comparably milder for the sensitive intimate skin. The best intimate wash for women are made with mild substances and are paraben free. Intimate hygiene wash is made for women’s private parts and helps in balancing the pH level of the skin. Using an intimate wash disinfects and protects from bad bacteria while keeping the pH levels intact. So, using an intimate hygiene wash is the best way to clean your bikini line and beyond.

Is an intimate wash made for all women?

Fortunately, because of industrialism, there are a lot of intimate wash products in the market. We know that all skins are different and a product that is mild for your bestie might be harsh for your skin. Which is why all women use different makeup products as well. So, choosing an intimate hygiene wash is a critical decision.

When trying out an intimate wash for the first time, always make sure you use it on the inner thigh first before putting it on your vulva. The reason being the pH value of inner thigh skin. It has a similar pH value to your vagina and if no rashes or irritation appears, it is good enough to use. Wherever you go looking for an intimate wash, make sure you don’t pick the one that promises to add a pleasant smell to the vagina. Those washes use a lot of chemical based scents that are harmful for the skin down there. It can cause rashes and even blacken the skin. To be sure that the intimate wash you pick will be perfect for all skins, choose the product that has no parabens and SLES additives.

So, if you want an intimate hygiene wash that is mild and keeps you fresh all day long, choose the all natural Namyaa Intimate Wash. Namyaa’s intimate hygiene wash is made of natural extracts of green tea, cucumber, aloe vera and pomegranate. It not only keeps you free of irritation and odour but also helps lighten the intimate skin. You can also use Namyaa’s green tea based intimate hygiene wash if you have dry skin issues in intimate areas. Check out our collection of intimate hygiene and care solutions.

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