How to Maintain Intimate Hygiene in Scorching Summers?

April 12, 2022

How to Maintain Intimate Hygiene in Scorching Summers?

The hot winds are rising now, and the sun is closer to burning us more than ever. And nothing is more irritating in the summers than the sticky, itchy, trickling feeling in the intimate areas. Especially at the horrendously long traffic lights where the sun is cooking you alive. The ones at home are still safe with the several baths they can take to keep the dried-up sweat off their skin. But who’s staying home in the 21st century? 2 years of lockdown couldn’t make that possible. And with every outgoing woman, the trouble of being sweaty in the wrong places at the wrong time is like vanilla ice cream in summer.

The worst of it is when you have the monthly worst week. Blood and sweat do not go together and cause many infections and discomfort that last long. On such days, the summer heat can turn you mad with irritation. Maintaining intimate area hygiene or keeping the whole body clean is the only way to beat the summer heat. So when the sweat trickling down the armpit starts to get maddening, here’s how to maintain intimate hygiene –

1. Keep the outfits dry

A lot of damp in the intimate areas can be a leading cause for getting infections. So when you’re in the pool for long with your friends, make sure you go straight to the bathroom afterward and get into dry threads. Try to use a hygiene wash or other summer hygiene products if you’re taking a quick shower. More than a pool or getting into a rain dance, sweat is more of an infection-causing factor in all humans in intimate areas. So if you’re an active one and like to go for a 15 minute run on the treadmill, ensure that your clothing materials dry up fast, or change your clothing immediately after your exercise.

2. Wear Breathable Fabrics

As we mentioned, if you’re an active woman who likes to shred a lot, you’ll probably need clothing that keeps you dry. The summers always increase the amount of sweat you produce. If you’re working out in the air-conditioned room, walking out of it would feel like someone let a dam open. Before you reach your car, you’ll already produce enough sweat in your intimate parts to cause a yeast infection or rashes.

To go out in the sun or exercise, your clothing material contributes to your intimate hygiene in summer. So always make sure that you’re wearing clothing material that is breathable. It will keep you cooler and invite less sweat and make sure that your sweat dries up faster than usual. It allows your skin to breathe and keeps away infections.

3. Try Sleeping Without the Underwear

You probably need to free up your private parts if you’re getting troubles like infections and rashes in your intimate areas, even after using summer hygiene products. Your private areas need some air, and underwear can be like an oven during the summer days. Especially if you live in a humid and hot area, intimate area hygiene can be challenging in the summers. So when the whole day has been a struggle to not itch in public, sleeping without underwear in the night can be quite liberating. It will keep your private parts dry, it will also get you good quality sleep. However, we know not everyone is comfortable sleeping without underwear. Thin cotton underwear can be a good option to keep out moisture buildup. For a better intimate hygiene routine on summer nights, use an intimate wash with your last shower and sleep with cotton underwear.

4. Avoid Rinsing Heavily or Using Scented Cleaners

Many women go towards rinsing their vagina and using scented cleansers while doing so. While it might seem like a great option to clean your vagina, it is exactly the opposite. The worst thing you can do for intimate hygiene is rinsed harshly down there or rub with a damp cloth in the summers. The vagina or any other orifice in the human body has its colony of bacteria. These are not harmful and are necessary to defend the area from any other infection-causing microbes. Unfortunately, rinsing them out will cause an imbalance exposing you to higher chances of infections.

5. Check the Ingredients of Your Intimate Products

All the vaginal products you use apply to your all-year hygiene. So when you’re shopping for intimate hygiene products in summer, make sure you check all the ingredients. Buy intimate hygiene products that are free of parabens and SLES. Products like lubricants or washes shall not contain ingredients that irritate the skin. Petroleum-based lubricants, for example, are not safe to use and can cause irritation. Always use products with natural extracts and natural oils.

6. Make Changes to Your Diet

Your body reflects exactly what you consume. You might want to curb those cravings if you have a sweet tooth. Sugar is something that yeast and bacteria love too. Eating sugars regularly will cause more fungal growth around your vagina and vulva if you’re eating sugars. Making changes to your diet and reducing sugar-containing foods can help with intimate hygiene in the summer season.

7. Be Careful with Hair Removal

Hair in intimate areas certainly makes things hotter. But hair removal in summers shall be cautious. Especially when you’re doing home hair removal. Hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals that can harm your intimate skin. Always check for hair removal creams with cooling effects and natural ingredients. If you’re prone to get cut while shaving or getting ingrown hair, try not to use blades on your skin. Intimate areas can be painful if hurt, so always choose certified professionals for intimate hair removal through waxing and laser treatment.

Intimate hygiene contributes a lot to make your summer’s irritation-free and keeps infections and rashes away. Always use hygiene products with natural ingredients and ensure that you cleanse yourself at least twice a day and after every strenuous exercise. 

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