How to Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Naturally

January 4, 2023

How to Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Naturally

Ladies, let’s face it — unwanted hair removal is the most painful, unpleasant, and unfortunately recurring affair! It’s time-consuming and demands aftercare cause of the red bumps, rashes, or ingrown hair. Lucky are the women who are confident to carry their body hair but there are so many more who prefer the hair-less smooth skin. Women go through it all, from waxing to laser hair removal, all of it to have flawless, glowing skin with a hefty bill. We feel your pain, and hence have put together some easy-at-home, budget-friendly tips to know how to remove unwanted hair at home naturally.

While home remedies aren’t a permanent hair removal solution, regular application of these remedies on your body and face can considerably thin the hair and reduce hair follicles. These are 5 ways how to remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your home.

    • Sugar Wax
Use sugar to create your all-natural wax at home.

Sugar can be surprisingly effective, especially if you’re looking for a vegan/chemical free alternative to beeswax-based wax. To make it at home all you need are 3 key ingredients: Sugar, Lemon Juice, and Honey. Take a small pan and heat 200g of sugar with 2tbsp of water and add 20ml Lemon juice with 1tbsp honey. Let the heated mixture cool down. Once it’s cool, spread the mixture onto the skin, cover the area with a fabric strip and pull away the strip.

      - Sugar wax works best if you’re removing unwanted hair that’s at least 1/4th inch long. - Lemon juice in this mixture helps the wax to spread evenly so don’t skip the lemon! - Don’t forget to clean leftover wax residue on the skin with oil. Then, clear away the oil with a body wash or soap.
How this works?

Honey is a natural moisturiser that leaves the skin smooth and supple. Sugar acts as an exfoliator that helps get rid of dead skin cells. Lemon is an age-old effective skin bleach. All 3 ingredients magically work together to lessen unwanted hair growth with consistent use.

    • Papaya-Turmeric Paste
Combining the two fiery yellows help with unwanted hair removal

Turmeric is such an old cosmetic ingredient that dates back centuries! During old indian eras, in the study of ayurveda, turmeric holds a significant value contributing to beauty and body wellness. Papaya on the other hand is a fruit packed with rich enzymes that boost feminine wellness in so many ways. Make this super effective and budget-friendly unwanted hair removal paste at home. Take a papaya, peal the skin off, cut it into pieces and mash them up in a bowl. Mix in 10g of turmeric powder and turn it into a thick paste. Apply the paste onto the skin and massage it in circular motion. Leave it on for about 20min and then wipe it away with a warm, damp towel. Use this paste regularly twice a week for 2-3 months for best results.

How this works?

The enzyme papain in papaya reduces hair growth while turmeric has antiseptic properties that fights bacteria and thus it works best for sensitive skin.

    • Cornstarch and Egg

Apply an all-natural peel mask made of egg and cornstarch. No…we’re not baking a cake but creating an effective peel-off mask that effectively removes unwanted hair. Although, this mask suits all skin types, it may for some people irritate sensitive skin. Separate the white from 1 egg and whip it with 4g of cornstarch and 20g of white sugar. The mixture will eventually become a sticky paste. Spread this paste on the skin in the direction of your hair growth. Leave it on for 20minutes and let this paste dry up totally. Now, peel it off from the opposite direction you applied it.

How this works?

When the dried paste peels off, it pulls hair along with it. If this repeats 2-3 a weeks, you’ll notice the body hair appearing thinner (the results aren’t as dramatic as you’d notice from shaving or waxing).

    • Pumice Stone
Imagine you could just buff away unwanted hair with the pumice stone.

Many ladies have experienced good results while using a pumice stone to gently buff unwanted hair away from arms and legs. Begin with cleaning the arms and legs with water, dry up the skin using a towel, and gently rub the pumice stone over the skin in circular motion. On one area, rub in 2-4 circles and then move to the next part. Rubbing too hard on one spot might irritate the skin and cause redness. The results from this will most likely be gradual but exfoliating everyday for 2-3 weeks, you’ll then notice effective results. There’s only one drawback - you can’t use the pumice stone on sensitive intimate areas, bikini area, or your face.

How this works?

You can use the pumice stone to treat, reduce, and prevent ingrown hair. It’s best to find a pumice stone with really small holes. If the stone is coarse, the more it irritates the skin.

    • Unwanted Hair Removal Cream

Try Namyaa’s Hair Removal Cream for Intimate Skin. This is a revolutionary unwanted hair removal cream that is exclusively designed for unwanted hair removal from intimate areas. No risks for razor cuts, bumps, nicks, skin rashes, skin burns, and ingrown hair. Since it’s formulated specially for intimate skin, you won’t have to worry about shaving cuts or the scar battles that are a common occurrence from other hair removal methods. Using a hair removal cream is effortless as it takes only 5 minutes of application process and removes hair with no pain, no harsh chemicals, no harsh smells, and leaves behind smooth flawless skin. Also, it can be used on underarms, chins, upper and lower lip areas too.

How this works?

Depilatory creams break down the keratin structure of the hair and thus help in unwanted hair removal. The hair is first thinned and then broken down and dissolved into jelly-like consistency. The cream is completely safe on all skin types. Do a patch test before applying the cream.

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