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Some Effective Natural Ways To Deal With Severe Period Cramps!

by Karun Bholewasi |

Period cramps isn’t something that is unknown. It is a part of menstruation as cramps is known to affect many women before and after their periods. While some women are lucky enough to experience only mild cramps, there are others who face terrible cramps that are so painful that it takes a toll on their daily lives. Most of the women experience period cramps in their lower abdomen, but the pain can radiate to the groin, lower back, upper thighs etc. The intensity of the cramps during periods differs from women to women. But, if you belong to that group of women who seem to suffer every month from painful period cramps, then we have got some really great news for you. Here are some of the effective and natural ways as highlighted under that can help you deal with severe period cramps during ‘’that time of the month’’:

  • Using Heat: Placing a heating pad or a hot water bottle against the abdomen is known to relieve period cramps while relaxing the muscles. Heat is an effective way to help the uterine muscles along with the muscles around it to relax and this might lessen discomfort and cramps. If you experience back pain during periods, you can also use a heating pad on the lower back. Another option is you can choose to soak in a warm bath which shall definitely help relax the muscles of the abdomen, legs and back. Using heat is an effective way to relieve period cramps.
  • Orgasm: Well, although many women might find it unbelievable, but orgasm is definitely a great remedy to relieve period cramps. Having an orgasm is known to release plenty of endorphins along with other hormones that helps do away with pain and discomfort while helping the women to relax.
  • Gentle Exercise: Well, we completely understand that for the women experiencing period cramps, exercise might be the last thing on their minds. But, it can actually provide pain relief to put it precisely. Don’t go in for any kind of strenuous exercise if you are experiencing terrible cramps as it might just aggravate the pain all the more. Going for a brisk walk, gentle stretching or practising yoga might be helpful in this case. Exercising is known to release endorphins which are known to lessen pain and discomfort during periods and has been known as nature’s natural pain relievers. A recent Taiwanese study found that the participants did mention about the twelve weeks of twice a week yoga classes which did ease period cramps, pain and discomfort for the matter.
  • Acupuncture: A recent study did claim that acupuncture can help ease period cramps. Acupuncture as a treatment is known to reduce inflammation while releasing endorphins and like exercises, it is also known to relieve menstrual cramps while helping one to relax. But a person is likely to benefit more from an ongoing session on acupuncture than just a single one. It is a process that can really be helpful in relieving menstrual cramps, pain and discomfort for the matter.
  • Massage: Going in for a relaxing massage or doing self-massage over the abdomen can help relax the muscles of the pelvic area and this might alleviate cramping for the matter. You can also run coconut oil, body lotion or some other oil gently on the abdomen for a rejuvenating effect of pain relief.
  • Drink Lots Of Water: Not every women is aware of this fact, but drinking lots of water can also work as a brilliant remedy to relieve one from period cramps. Therefore, it is advisable that you drink plenty of water while experiencing menstrual cramps to ease the pain, cramping and discomfort to a greater degree. According to experts it has been stated that you are likely to get more menstrual cramps if you are dehydrated, so make sure to keep hydrated all the more during ‘’that time of the month’’.
  • Avoid Salty Foods And Caffeine: According to a study in 2000, a vegetarian diet that is low in fat can reduce Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) along with period cramps. It is therefore a good idea to avoid certain foods that might mess up your health all the more during periods. These foods might lead to water retention, bloating which invariably leads to discomfort during the days of menstruation. So remember to stay away from certain types of foods like, caffeine, salty foods, alcohol, fatty foods to prevent cramping, pain and discomfort during periods.
  • Essential Oils: A certain study was conducted in 2013 to compare the nuances of menstrual pain relief between two groups of female students. One group were given massages using only Almond oil, while the other group was given massages using a blend of essential oils which included clove, cinnamon, lavender, rose in an Almond oil base for the matter. The researchers had found that the group of female students who had used the essential oils blend had felt significant relief from period cramps, pain and discomfort than that of the group of students who had just used the carrier oil. So, you can go in for an essential oil abdominal massage for effective relief against period cramps, pain and discomfort.
  • Herbal Tea: Herbal teas like Chamomile, Red Raspberry, Dandelion tastes warm and soothing during your periods and it can provide comfort during period cramps, pain and discomfort.