Ways to Keep Your Lips Hydrated All Day

October 11, 2023

Ways to Keep Your Lips Hydrated All Day

There are a number of reasons why the lips are such a special part of the body. One of them is that they have so many nerve endings that it can feel more sensations than any other skin on the body. Which is why your first kiss is so special! The skin on the lips is hundred times more sensitive that regular skin on the hands or feet. Have you ever thought why they look pink and not like your skin’s colour? It is because the blood vessels are closer to the skin when it comes to lips, which has a thin layer of cells. Which is why lips are more prone to damage from direct impact or environmental changes. The most problematic thing for most is that the lips dry up much quicker than the rest of the skin and gets affected more by sun damage or chilly cold weather. Now that the winters are closer, the lips are going to chap everyday and dry lips require special remedy during the winter months. We do generally forget to apply a lip balm or moisturise regularly but there are ways with which you can ensure lip hydration all day long. These home remedies for dry lips is going to get you moisturised lips for the winter-

1. Hydrate yourself first
Hydration for all the organs of the body comes from within. The internal water content of the body is 70%. This 70% of water content has to be maintained all the time as it is what keeps the bodily functions running. It is when this content of water goes below the 70% mark that we feel dehydrated and water from organs like lips, eyes, and salivary glands is pulled towards the torso. So, keep your hydration up at all times and drink plenty of water and fruit juices throughout the day. Especially during winter, when you don’t feel thirsty enough, keep a water alarm and try to have at least 3 litres of water every day.

2. Apply milk and honey during the day
Milk has excellent hydrating properties and it seeps right into the skin as a suitable moisturiser. That is why most moisturisers have milk solids as an ingredient. Honey is an amazing antioxidant which stops the creation of free radicals that cause rapid skin cell death. It also rejuvenates the skin cells in the lips and makes it plump. Mix a teaspoon of honey into 2 tablespoons of milk and apply it evenly on the lips and then massage them lightly. After the solution is dried just wipe it off with a damp cloth. Repeat it at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the day.

3. Invest in a humidifier
Humidifier is certainly a worthy investment for those who suffer with overtly chapped and cracked skin during the winters. The reason for this cracked skin is that the air becomes very dry due to all the cooled water particles settling on the ground. The dry air then brushes along our skin and pulls out all the hydration. Humidifying your living space is a smart way to bring balance to the air. A quality humidifier will replenish the moisture in the air so that it doesn’t brush off any from your lips and skin. You can also put a few drops of organic essential oils to get a relaxed mood for indoor winter activities.

4. Use a lip exfoliator
Before looking for a dry lips remedy right after you wake up with flaky lips, it is better to exfoliate the layer of dead skin from them. Lips that have dried up through the night have a layer of dead skin which prevent other moisturisers and balms from reaching the live skin cells beneath. Using an exfoliator not only removes the dead skin and pollutants from the skin but also massages the lips to induce better blood flow and internal hydration. Use a mild herbal lip exfoliator like the Namyaa Organic Lip Scrub to cleanse and rejuvenate your lips.

5. Apply SPF based lip balms during the day
The winter sun is much harmful for the lips than that in the summers. When you’re out in the day during the winters, your skin is lacking moisture already and the sun rays damage it further, giving way to external irritants which crack open the skin on the lips. Applying an SPF based lip balm or cream can prevent that from happening. Routinely repeat the application of lip balms that contain petrolatum, mineral oils and ceramides throughout the day. Remember, lip moisturisers with salicylic acid, menthol, camphor or oxybenzone can be more destructive for your skin than giving it protection.

6. Use lip products with added nourishment in the evenings
Cold winter evening are the worst for your lips and skin as it is the driest time of the season. The air has almost zero humidity and removes all moisture from the skin. It is better to apply products to your skin that have organic ingredients which provide nourishment to the skin. Lip balms based on shea butter, coconut butter or milk are amazing at providing nutrition to the skin cells and keeping your lips plump through the night. There are a lot of lip moisturising products that are based on cocoa butter or hemp seed oil as well. You can integrate them in your evening dry lips remedy and wake up with fresh supple lips for the next day.

The shape and quality of our lips have a lot of effect on our face and appearance. Keeping the most sensitive organ of the body protected is necessary for beautification of self. Winters are almost here and the air is going to lose all it’s humidity. It is better to start the healing and rejuvenation of your lips now. So, get the useful ingredients and start pampering your pout before the winder winds start howling.

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