Winter Lip Care Tips That Will Save Your Smile And Prevent Your Lips From Getting Cracked

December 13, 2022

Winter Lip Care Tips That Will Save Your Smile And Prevent Your Lips From Getting Cracked

You know that winter has started to affect your body when the skin starts to feel like it has been parched like a desert. The skin actually starts to feel sandy and rough due to dryness. The areas that get affected first and most are the lips, heels, and forearms. Your elbows and heels are the easier task and require the bare minimum like a hot water and salt dip or a little petroleum jelly. Your lips, however, are where the winter dryness wins without proper care. Lips are made of tender skin which is sensitive to all sorts of touch and temperature. Which is why chilli peppers make them swell up and kisses can be felt through them in the brain. Not every area of your skin reacts as such. While lips are easily hurt, they are hypersensitive to cold. In winter, lips are the first area to get dried up and require special care. Here’s how to shield your lips from the pangs of cold winds-

  • Avoid licking them

Your tongue is not a chapstick for your lips! We tend to lick our lips in general on the first feeling of dehydration. Wetting them is a response to thirst as well. In winter, when you’re not releasing much sweat from the body, water intake decreases. Licking lips causes them to dry up even more. When that happens, the lick comes naturally. While it might feel damp for a few seconds, the enzymes in the saliva makes the lips more dry and irritable. So, try to keep that tongue in control and drink enough water even when it’s cold.

  • Do not peel off chapped skin

Chapping of the lips leaves a dead layer of skin on the top which is utterly distracting. With it comes the urge to chew it off your lips or peel it off when you go for a powdering session in the washroom. This process, however, should happen naturally. Dead skin on lips is caused when new skin is being formed underneath. So, there are instances where you see half dead half fresh skin which is still attached to living skin cells that are regenerating. Hence, just like popping fresh pimples, peeling off this skin will irritate the new skin underneath and leave wounds. These wounds affected by winter chills give your lips a cracked spotted look. Apply a cold cream before sleeping in the night and let the dead skin come off completely on its own.

  • Stay Hydrated

Sweat production in winters diminishes because the body isn’t feeling hot anymore. Due to less sweat excretion the body doesn’t send any signals to the tonsils for thirst. When that happens, the urge to drink water decreases and there is limited saliva formation, making the lips dryer. It is better to remember the importance of hydration. You can do this by keeping hourly alarms for hydration. You can aim to drink at least 300 ml of water within an hour. So that within 12 hours you’ve drank as much as 4 litres of water. Which with a glass or two after meals will come to 6 litres- the daily suggested hydration for an average human. This will keep your mouth hydrated and lips moisturised and you won’t have to lick them.

  • Use home ingredients

When your lips are more dryer than average people, you can also use some home remedies for a deep healing.

Aloe Vera- You can plant these easy to grow plants in a small pot and use the gel from the leaves to moisturise your lips every night. Ghee- Homemade butter and ghee are an amazing deep moisturiser. Apply a drop of ghee to your lips in the night and you’ll have soft lips by morning. Honey- Extremely chapped lips, you can use honey with glycerine for its antibacterial properties and deep moisturisation. Rosewater with milk- Rosewater seeps into the skin cells and milk helps with skin regeneration. Apply ½ tsp of rosewater mixed with 1 tsp of milk and let it stay for a while.Coconut oil- Coconuts are hydrating with their water as well as oil. Warm up about a tbsp and you can use it as lip moisturising balm for 2 nights.
  • Use lip treatment serums and scrubs

To get a long lasting solution for chapped and sunken winter lips, you will need care that works on the root causes of dry and cracked lips. You can use a number of products to keep them moisturised daily. Petroleum jelly, for example, is a known moisturiser for lips and skin. Moisturising creams and lip balms can also be used. But these are for temporary moisturisation you need everyday. When their layers dry up the moisture vanishes again. You can prevent winter from affecting your lips with Namyaa’s Lips Care range. To smoothen and soften your scrub, you can use the Organic Lips Scrub. It gently exfoliates the skin with the goodness of sweet almond oil, coconut, olive oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. Just scrub your lips for a few seconds and leave it on for 2 minutes. Wipe your lips with a tissue or wash with warm water and then apply your regular lip balm. If your lips stay generally dry even in a warm environment, you can give them a deep treatment with Namyaa’s Lip Plumping Serum. The serum is designed to increase and retain moisture in lips. It makes winter chapped lips a history with the care of shea butter, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and collagen. All help with cell regeneration and moisture retention in the cells. The best way to improve your winter lip care is by adding more hydration and vitamin A to your body. Drink milk, have veggies like carrots which will keep your body protected against the degenerative qualities of winter. Regularly scrub and moisturise your lips. This winter use Namyaa lips protection range.

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