Body Perfume for Sensitive Areas

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Body Perfume for Sensitive Areas

Body Perfume for Sensitive Areas


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Key Highlights;

  • Helps reduce odour from intimate areas
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Contains no alcohol or chemicals
  • No spray application for anytime use
  • Keeps the intimate areas smelling fresh for 12 hours
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It is certainly embarrassing to talk about intimate odour, which is why most women don’t speak of it or try to find natural solutions to this unspoken problem. However, everyone in a relationship and healthy marriage would want themselves to smell fresh in the moments of intimacy. The trouble is you can’t just spray any deodorant or perfume on the intimate areas. They either contain too many inflammable chemicals or are loaded with alcohol that can hurt the intimate and quite painfully at that. So, Namyaa came up with an innovative fragrance that can be infused with the skin without the use of alcohol or skin burning chemicals.

 The Namyaa Body Perfume is made for the most sensitive skin that is found in the intimate areas. It contains only natural essential oils and butters that suit the skin and don’t have a significant change in the pH levels of the intimate skin. With the natural fragrances of mango and shea butter it also has argan oil and coconut oil, together they create a sweatless and odourless intimate flora.

 The Namyaa Body Perfume is not applied as a spray which would require alcohol and other chemicals. It is rather applied to the external intimate skin as a balm which gets absorbed in the skin and controls the odour in sweat for 12 hours. Just a dab of this Body Perfume balm will give you a fresh smelling intimate area for those flowerful moments.

Shea Butter- Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to keep away odour causing bacteria

Mango Butter- While reducing the appearance of wrinkles and ageing, it also gives the vulva a fruity smell that resembles a fresh vagina

Coconut Oil- keeps the skin supple and moisturised so that there is less sweating from the glands.

Argan Oil- Remove debris from the pores, allowing them to breath and produce lesser sebum and sweat.

Essential Oils-  A mix of pure extracts of lavender and tea tree oil which gives out a tantalising fragrance.

  • Take a small dab, too much amount isn’t required, and apply it gently with your fingertips around your intimate area. Do not apply internally.
  • Slowly massage for a couple of minutes until the Body Perfume absorbs fully into the skin.
  • You can apply it on your body in other intimate places as well, like underarms, behind the ears or on your navel.

* Results may vary from person to person


Q1. Is this Body Perfume safe for my intimate skin?

Ans:  Namyaa Body Perfume is specially designed keeping the nature of intimate skin in mind. Hence, it contains no alcohol or deodorant chemicals that may burn or scar your skin. It is made of essential oils and fruit butters which are quite safe for the vulva or penis. It can be applied regularly on most common skin types.

Q2. How long does the Body Perfume Last?

Ans:  The Body Perfume has oils and butters which are good at locking the fragrances to the skin. So, it is possible to have a 12 hours of fresh smelling intimate area with the Namyaa Body Perfume if applied properly until it absorbs in the skin. Since, it can be used at any time, you can even apply it a few minutes or an hour before getting intimate with someone.

Q3. Does the perfume contain alcohol?

Ans:  The fragrance that comes from this Body Perfume contains no alcohol or chemical based fragrances, neither are its ingredients extracted using an alcohol solution. So that you get a safe perfume for intimate skin.

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