Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Reusable Menstrual Cup

Reusable Menstrual Cup


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Key Features:

  • Made of Pure Medical Grade Sillicone
  • Free from BPA (synthetic rubbers)
  • Sustainable alternative to pads and tampons
  • Can be worn for 8+ hours
  • Economical, lasts for years
  • No dyes or plastics involved
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Tampons, pads and period panties are alright but the trouble to keep changing and shopping is somewhere irritating. Another issue with sanitary options made of fabric is the actual skin irritation that you feel and when the fabric gets little wet it becomes a nuisance of an itch. Which brings the needs for an alternative that doesn’t irritate the skin and can be work for long hours without leaking.

Namyaa’s Reusable Menstrual Cup is the solution to an irritation free sanitary option for your period days. There are multiple menstrual cup makers out there but not all can be trusted with the quality. A good menstrual cup is one which contains no decomposable dyes or chemicals that might cause trouble to your reproductive health. Thus, Namyaa’s Reusable Menstrual Cup is made from Pure Medical Grade Silicone which has no side effects on reproductive organs. Medical grade silicone doesn’t react to any sort of acidic content in period flow, keeping you safe from any chemical reaction from artificial colours and plastics.

The Reusable Menstrual Cup is an essential if you’ve faced an infection which can happen due to fabrics in pads and tampons. A lot of times, due to work or being busy in life if you leave on the pads or tampons for too long it can cause an infection which can send your body to shock. Menstrual Cup is made completely out of silicone and doesn’t cause any such infection. You can wear it for at least 8 hours without any worries of itchiness or infection.

Silicone cups are also highly sustainable for the environment as it saves all the fabric and plastic that goes into making tampons and pads. It also saves you a lot of hassle that goes in disposing off the pads which are bad for the environment and don’t decompose easily. You also get rid of the odour that the wasted pads and tampons produce in your bathroom. Menstrual Cup can be easily emptied, washed and used again for thousands of times.

Medical Grade Silicone- It is the kind of silicone that is biocompatible. Which means that it doesn’t react with any kind of organic matter. Makes it safe from getting.

  • Step # 1: Wash -  Before using the menstrual wash both the cup and your hands. For your hands use a handwash or a soap. Use a menstrual cup wash for the cup.
  • Step # 2: Fold -  Press and fold the cup to make it easier to insert into the vaginal cavity. The cup will then pop back open to fit inside the vagina and be leak proof.
  • Step # 3: Insert - Insert the folded cup into your vaginal cavity and push it towards the cervix until it open up.
  • Step # 4: Chill-  You can now be chill about your period flow and go about your daily activities for more than 8 hours.

* Results may vary from person to person


Q1. Will the menstrual cup fall out?

Ans :  If the size you’ve bought is correct for you it won’t fall. The menstrual cup tends to pop open inside the vagina and stay there with a little vacuum pressure so that it doesn’t slip out. You can choose from small, medium and large as per the size of your vagina.

Q2. Does the Menstrual cup contain any colours?

Ans :   No, the Namyaa Menstrual Cup has no extra colouring on it’s exterior or interior, the natural pink colour is the specific colour of medical grade silicone.

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