Scar Saviour Cream 30g

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Scar Saviour Cream 30g

Scar Saviour Cream 30g

Regular price Rs. 349.00
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Key Highlights

  • Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Helps reduce appearance of C-section scars for mothers
  • Even tones the skin and reduces scarred skin
  • Boosts collagen to aid skin recovery
  • Can be use on any stretch marks on the body
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Whether you’ve recently given birth or are gaining and losing weight, scars are a constant battle. Most of the times, pregnancy and weight gain lead to stretch marks that might appear as scars later. There are also women who had to unfortunately deliver through a C-section cut on the belly which leaves a permanent scar on the stomach and the normal life with clothes of your choice gets over. But not anymore.

Namyaa Scar Saviour Cream for stretch marks and C-section scars is the right choice for all those women who are struggling to hide their stretch marks and C-section scars. It provides quick hydration to the scar tissue and helps accelerate the healing process. Regular massage from Scar Saviour makes the scar tissue soft and flattens the skin to improve sensation and reduce soreness around the scar. It contains hyaluronic acid from liquorice root and marshmallow roots which helps repair wouded skin faster and reduces the appearance of scars.

Shea Butter- Moisturises and softens the hard tissues of the scar.

Vitamin E- Provides nutrition to the skin and keep it hydrated for longer time.

Coffee Seed Oil- Prevents darkening of the skin as the scar gets older.

Almond Oil- Anti-inflammation ingredient to reduce puffiness of the scar.

Hyaluronic Acid- Helps the scar repair faster and reduces its appearance.

  • Use enough cream to cover up your finger tip and spread it all over the scar tissue.
  • Massage it gently with your finger until it absorbs into the skin.
  • Apply twice a day to see results in a few months.


Q1. When can I start applying the Scar Saviour Cream?

Ans :  You can start applying the cream as soon as the C-section stitches have been taken out or have

dissolved. If you’re using it for pregnancy stretch marks, you can use as soon as the scars appear. It has no effect on pregnancy as it is applied topically and has all herbal ingredients so it is safe to use.

Q2. Can the Scar Saviour Cream be applied for kids and babies?

There are no issues in applying the cream to the scars of babies and kids. The formulation is made of natural ingredients and can suit the skin of any age and type.

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