Increasing Your Breast Size, Tips and Secrets to Get the Bust You Deserve

December 22, 2022

Increasing Your Breast Size, Tips and Secrets to Get the Bust You Deserve

Being beautiful is not just about having a feature rich face. It is also about having a voluptuous body that supports your beautiful face. While models are required to have a slim body without any thickness, in the real world, men are attracted to thick bodies that have volume. Volume in the body comes in the butt and bust area, which makes you look attractive. However, getting that perfect bust shape in every outfit is not that easy. Perkier breasts only show up when there is right nutrition and muscle tightness in the chest. Not all bras are bought to increase breast size, some are bought for comfort, while some have a push up feel. Lots of your bras don’t go along with your exclusive dresses either. So, there has to be a solution to make your breasts appear attractive in every outfit you wear. It is advisable to not go for surgical procedures and over the counter massage oils to increase breast size. Surgeries are harmful and invasive, while they may make your breasts stiffer, they also increase the chances of breast cancer. Here are some tips and tricks to fit your bosoms to your outfits-

Using makeup

Yes! Makeup can be used to give you breasts an elevated appearance with colourplay. It is an effective and inexpensive way of making your cleavage pop out.

For a natural looking lift- If you want to make your breasts look bigger but not unnaturally elevated, a shimmering highlighter is what does the job. It has a gentle shimmering look which elevates the skin on your bust and makes it look plump. To add to the pop, you can also apply a little amount of pearly white day cream to the inside of your cleavage which makes it look rounder and radiant.

For an enhanced elevation- To make your breasts look dramatically bigger and give a visible depth to your cleavage, you can use makeup contouring. Using contour sticks, that are a few shades darker than your skin colour, you can apply some depth to the look of our cleavage. All you have to do is contour the skin below your collar bones, above your breasts and between them. Even it out with quick circular motions and darken it on the cleavage. This will improve the look of your cleavage drastically, making it look bigger and lifted.

Bra hacks

Bras can be used with tricks to make your boobs look bigger than they are. With the use of different kinds of bra, you can uplift your cleavage and your confidence. Here are some tips-

DIY racer bras

They are called so because women you race can use this trick to hold their breasts in place preventing them from bouncing too much. That is the basic idea, but you can use it to lift up your breasts and make them look perky. All you have to do is clip up or pin your bra straps together at the back. Bring both the straps together by using paper clips, velcro strips, safety pins, etc. Adjust the height of the pin or clip according to the amount of lift you want for your breasts.

Bra stacking

Bra stacking is a popular trick to make your breasts look bigger if you’re not wearing a very deep necked dress or top. You need to literally stack one bra on top of the other. Yes, it sounds uncomfortable but you get used to it after a while as they adjust to your breasts. The trick is to wear a regular size (skin hugging) bra and then stack a one size larger bra on top of it. Once you’re adjusted to it you can use this trick for your everyday clothing to work.

Give your breasts some long term treatment

You can increase your breast size but not instantly. Hence, there are things you can do to improve your breast shape. Here are a few at home treatments you can give your jugs-


Hydrotherapy is a brilliant way to make your breasts perk up before an occasion. This makes them firm and lifted with temperature changes in the chest muscles. Rinse your breasts with warm water for a minute, then turn your shower to cold and rinse them again for 20 seconds. This will improve blood flow in your breasts, giving them the firmness they require. Coupled with a push up bra, you’ll get the required oomph.

Targeted exercising

The shape of breasts is dependent on the quality of muscles in your torso. If these muscles are lying dormant your breasts cease to develop. So doing some targeted exercises is a great way to improve breast shape. Firm your breast muscles with push ups, bench presses and dumbbell flys. The back muscles and posture is also necessary for a popping out bosom. So, exercise them with deadlifts, lat pull downs, and single arm dumbbell rows.

Massage your breasts

Breasts have a tendency to grow with hormones and stimulation. Which is why pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed have an increase in breast size. Hence, massaging your breasts once a day can improve your breast shape and size in the long term. However, it is always more beneficial to massage your breasts with a massaging cream with serum made especially for breast skin. Namyaa’s Curvalicious Bust Plumping Cream is made for lightening the breast skin while gently stimulating the mammalia to retain water and grow in size. With the benefits of collagen and amino acids it induces cell growth in the breasts and gives them a plumpier look. Massage your breasts back to front and in circular motions with the cream. For faster results, use it twice a day.

Stimulating your breasts can be done in a lot of ways. Wearing a skin tight bra while going out or massaging your breasts while showering. On the fun side of it, you can also ask your partner to massage your breasts with the Bust Plumping Cream, so that you can have some big Os while making your body sexier. So, keep exercising, eating well, and having fun times with your partner and reach out to Namyaa for all things girly.

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